Georgia football: The 2 transfers are far from disastrous

Amarius Mims waits for the snap against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. (Photo by Adam Hagy/Getty Images)
Amarius Mims waits for the snap against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. (Photo by Adam Hagy/Getty Images) /

Georgia football had two offensive linemen announce they were transferring, and while that news is never great to hear, it isn’t detrimental to the Dawgs’ future at this position.

However, in today’s college football climate, transfers happen, and with the way Georgia recruits, this isn’t anything but getting the Dawgs closer to making scholarships numbers.

Sure they were two five stars in Amarius Mims and Clay Webb, but at the same time, there are other five stars on this line that are beating them. Georgia fans tend to overreact about transfers, and while it’s understandable, no one should be surprised at either of these.

Georgia football saw two offensive linemen transfer, but it’s okay.

Mims was a five-star in the 2021 class out of middle Georgia, and everyone was extremely excited about him. He was one of the best in that class, if not the best.

However, he was probably the third-string tackle at best last year since Broderick Jones beat him out to back up Jamaree Salyer and is now the starting left tackle for the Dawgs.

Rumors popped toward the end of last week when reports stated he wasn’t at practice on Thursday or the scrimmage on Saturday.

Those rumors didn’t begin last week, but if we look back right after the national championship, he was among those listed as potential transfers. Mims wants playing time right away, and he wasn’t getting that at Georgia.

This spring, true freshman Earnest Greene has been someone reported to be one of the mid-years already competing, so it isn’t surprising to see Mims declare. If this decision is best for Mims, he has every right to leave Athens.

Yes, he is a five-star, but sometimes those rankings aren’t what they are all cooked up to be, and while he could go to his next school and play right away, that should tell Dawg nation how steep the competition is.

Jones beat him, and it seems like Greene was battling hard this spring, so if Mims thought it was a dead-end, then enjoy your next school. Georgia recruits at the level it does, so when something like transfers happens, the Dawgs have guys to step up in their place.

Mims received praise this spring as someone who made strides, but it seems it wasn’t enough to keep him in Athens. No one wants to lose a talent like him, but if guys like Greene and even Jacob Hood are battling behind him, the position is in great hands.

Webb shouldn’t come as a surprise either. Another highly-touted recruit out of high school, Webb just never exploded in college like so many thought he would. This spring marked his fourth, and he wasn’t even scratching the surface to play, so he should be someone who transfers.

There were some off-the-field issues early on, and after that, he just faded into the depth chart. He was supposed to be the next great center, but Sedrick Van Pran came in and took that over quickly.

Georgia has lost 11 in the transfer portal since the national championship game, and while that seems like a considerable number, they could lose a few more. These things happen when a team is as successful as the Dawgs.

Don’t come in here and say that Alabama doesn’t lose players and other schools don’t — oh, but they do, and it’s part of this modern college football we all love.

We also cannot forget that Mims could return to Georgia if he chooses to — just because a kid puts his name in the portal doesn’t mean they have to leave. There is no way to predict that, but if he chooses to go, then it’s what he believes is best for him.

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Georgia football will have to make sure these young guys are ready for battle. As cliche as “Next Dawg up” sounds, it’s true in this circumstance. Sometimes a kid has to go elsewhere to shine, which isn’t a knock on Georgia or the player.