Georgia football: A full look into the RB position ahead of G-Day

Georgia running back Kendall Milton breaks away down the sideline for a big gain.(Photo By Joshua L Jones, Online Athens)
Georgia running back Kendall Milton breaks away down the sideline for a big gain.(Photo By Joshua L Jones, Online Athens) /

The annual spring G-Day game cannot get here fast enough for the Georgia football team as the Dawgs will wrap up spring practice on Saturday.

At RBU, one of the most anticipated positions that fans look forward to breaking down is the running backs. There is always top-tier talent in this position and the 2022 season is no different.

This room has a lot to discuss with two veterans, a couple of underclassmen, and two true freshmen. There is plenty for the Dawgs to choose from, and could even be some surprises.

With Zamir White and James Cook declaring for the NFL Draft, this year is about the next chapter of RBU and what kind of legacy they will leave on the program.

Georgia football will use a wide variety of running backs in 2022, especially during its G-Day game.

The veterans in this room are Kenny McIntosh and Kendall Milton. These two have been around a while and waited for their turns to be the starting running back duo. While Georgia will likely use them as a duo, it wouldn’t surprise us if one becomes the primary running back, with the other being in a more supportive role.

McIntosh showed a lot of growth in 2021, so this upcoming season could be a big one for him.

Milton is finally healthy, and the 2022 season will be all about keeping him that way because Georgia needs him to be the premier back. The Dawgs haven’t had one since Todd Gurley, as they love using their running backs in groups, but there is something about Milton that screams break-out season.

He can run past you or through you, so Milton is the total package. Milton has excellent hands, too, so the Dawgs can trust him to catch it out of the backfield if they want.

However, if Georgia continues to use the running back by committee route, that is also okay because both have the talent to get the job done. Something about Milton screams big season, and we hope it happens. After fighting through injuries the last two seasons, it’s time to see him shine the way we all know he can.

McIntosh has worked his tail off too, so it’ll be interesting to see how this situation goes. For now, the duo will share reps at the starting position, but we could see one of them break open on Saturday and force the coaches to make a decision.

Though it wouldn’t matter because these two have seen that sharing the load still gets you into the NFL and that this room isn’t all about stats. Instead, it’s about being teammates and being able to step up when their number gets called. Georgia loves being able to plug whatever running back they want into a play, and this group can do just that.

Behind Milton and McIntosh are Sevaughn Clark and Daijun Edwards, two rising junior running backs that have also been waiting for their moment.

Edwards played in all 15 games last year as he recorded 49 carries for 215 yards and three touchdowns. He averaged 4.4 yards a touch and came in a lot last year after the Dawgs got up a few scores.

However, he is a scrappy running back that will be someone who earns more reps in 2022 because he has the “it” factor.

He showed bursts of greatness, and with another offseason under his belt in Athens, Edwards knows what it’ll take to get his rush count higher.

Edwards showed out in 2020, recording 103 rushing yards against Missouri, but wasn’t able to get as much done in 2021. He is hungry, though, and it shows through in his running, so watch for him on Saturday to show the coaches he has what it takes to get significant snaps.

Clark played in six games last year, recording 14 rushes for 46 yards as he averaged 3.3 yards a touch. His career-high performance came against Georgia Tech, where he had five touches for 22 yards.

He is another running back that got some cleanup time last year, but it’s time for Clark to put some pressure on these other backs.

Clark has the potential to get more reps, but the amount of talent surrounding him makes him almost invisible at times. So this year will be his time to remind people he is on the team and just as good.

Then there are the two incoming freshmen, Branson Robinson and Andrew Paul are both summer enrollees, so they weren’t on campus this spring competing.

However, those two will be forces when they get on campus because that duo will be the next great ones to come to this program. Robinson is a monster of a running back, and Paul has an incredibly high ceiling.

So while they won’t be playing in the G-Day game, they loom in the shadows waiting to take on the other running backs this summer and fall.

Saturday will likely see Milton on the Red Team and McIntosh on the Black Team to even the stakes. The Dawgs will also put Edwards and Clark on either side to see what they can do.

That player distribution seems the fairest, but the coaches could also put the veterans on one side and the rising juniors on the other to have an inner-position battle. Bragging rights could be on the table for this group, but Saturday will be about who can make themselves known and have a big day.

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Georgia football will host its annual G-Day game on Saturday with kickoff at 1 p.m. on ESPN2. Dawg fans can still get tickets through the university’s website and should support the defending national champions.