Jermaine Burton filling hole in Alabama’s roster that Georgia doesn’t have

Arik Gilbert runs with the ball during the Georgia Bulldogs Spring Game. (Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports)
Arik Gilbert runs with the ball during the Georgia Bulldogs Spring Game. (Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports) /

One of the most extensive discussions since the national championship game for Georgia football was how the Dawgs would replace Jermaine Burton.

After the G-Day game on Saturday, the Dawgs proved that they have the best receiver room for Georgia, and the right wideouts are in there.

This article isn’t a dig at Burton or anything like that because he will thrive at Alabama. He is such a talented receiver and will make the NFL. It wasn’t the right fit in Athens, but that doesn’t mean the Dawgs are hurting at the position. No, Georgia is thriving with its receivers, including those dynamic tight ends.

Jermaine Burton found the right spot that was already full at Georgia.

Burton recorded three catches during A-Day, Alabama’s spring game, but head coach Nick Saban called him the most consistent guy at the position. That performance sparked some discussion about whether losing him would be hurtful in the long run — it won’t.

He will thrive in a starting role at Alabama, but Georgia has star-studded receivers who will step up to the occasion and make fans forget about Burton.

After G-Day, head coach Kirby Smart said Georgia has two SEC receivers in AD Mitchell and Ladd McConkey. However, it doesn’t stop with those two because Arian Smith also reminded us why we love him at G-Day. He went after those balls even with a non-contact jersey on, and his animation showed so much passion.

Injuries have limited him, but how he fought for those balls on Saturday and got mad when he didn’t make the play showed us how bad he wants to be out there.

McConkey and Smith can both play slot and go after the long balls if needed — similar to Burton. Mitchell is more assertive with the long passes, as we saw in the Orange Bowl and the national championship.

Jackson Meeks made some plays on Saturday during G-Day, catching one ball for 37 yards. He snagged it right out of the defensive back’s hands to make the play, which was the moment fans realized he could play.

Two veterans returning in 2022 will help this position fulfill its needs even more. Kearis Jackson led the Black Team with four catches for 107 yards at G-Day, and he finally looks 100% healthy.

Dominick Blaylock started his personal revenge tour at G-Day, catching five balls for 67 yards. He plays a similar role that Burton did at Georgia, and now with him healthy again, he can run away with it. It was so good to see him back in his element.

Blaylock has the veteran experience but also the leadership qualities it takes to be a successful receiver. Injuries set him back, but everything happens for a reason, and if Burton stuck around, maybe Blaylock wouldn’t have.

Georgia also has four tight ends that would start anywhere in the SEC and dominate. Brock Bowers, Oscar Delp, Arik Gilbert and Darnell Washington are a pack of superheroes that wear football uniforms on Saturdays.

Bowers and Washington didn’t get to have a spring, which allowed the other two to take advantage of the opportunity. Delp led the Red Team with seven catches for 91 yards, and he didn’t look like a true freshman, but neither did Bowers last year.

He was aggressive, had some speed to him, and once he gets the playbook down, the Dawgs could play so many different variations with him, Bowers, Gilbert and Washington — opponents better start praying now.

Gilbert led the Black Team with two scores on three catches for 49 yards. He is a complete mismatch and would have had more stats from G-Day if it weren’t for a few good plays by the defense. Much like Delp, once he slims down a little more and learns that playbook — it’s over for defenses.

Burton could have gotten lost in the mixture of all this talent. Probably not because he is too good to get lost in the mix of things, but the point here is Georgia has a room full of talented guys that fulfill every role needed.

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The kid transferred, and he will shine in Tuscaloosa, but that sure doesn’t mean Georgia is worse off because he left. No, the Dawgs are better. Those guys who stayed in Athens worked hard this spring and proved that this offense has more than enough weapons to contend in 2022.