Georgia football could easily build recruiting momentum off G-Day

The 2022 Georgia football signing class is recognized on the field at halftime during the G-Day spring football game in Athens, Ga., on Saturday, April 16, 2022.News Joshua L Jones
The 2022 Georgia football signing class is recognized on the field at halftime during the G-Day spring football game in Athens, Ga., on Saturday, April 16, 2022.News Joshua L Jones /

Georgia football is one of the best recruiting programs in all of college, and this past weekend they hosted some of the best for G-Day.

There was already one commitment from Gabriel Harris on Easter Sunday, which sparked a little momentum, but that weekend could be the moment this 2023 class begins to take flight.

Georgia wrapped up spring ball on Saturday, and now coaches can focus on hitting the recruiting trail.

However, some big-name players were in town for G-Day that are now trending in the right direction. This visit happened right before the next recruiting phase began, putting the Dawgs on their minds.

Georgia football will see a recruiting boost off a successful G-Day weekend.

The quiet period ended on April 14, and on April 15, the 2023 class moved into the evaluation period.

A quiet period is when recruits can visit with college coaches but only on campus.  Other quiet periods allow one off-campus visit, but the one that ended last week wasn’t one of those times.

The evaluation period is when an authorized off-campus recruiter can use one evaluation to look at a player’s ability and one pass to look at their academics. This period lasts from April 15 through May 31. There are 168 days of evaluation periods each year.

There is no in-person or off-campus contact from coaches. They are allowed to attend one athletic event and talk to coaches there, but they cannot contact the recruit during this time frame outside a friendly greeting.

Georgia’s coaches will still go and visit schools, but they are limited to two visits per period to be strategic about their schedule. The next couple of weeks could be quiet, but they will hit the road once spring high school ball practice starts up.

This recruiting period happened right before G-Day, and I’m sure there are some exceptions to the rules as there are quiet period days in April and May, but it’s strategic for head coach Kirby Smart. He gets to be the last thing in these kids’ heads until the June quiet period begins.

Since the evaluation period started, a few recruits posted on social media about their visits and who their finalists would be.

Five-star Jayden Wayne made another trip from Seattle for G-Day, and the visit seemed to have gone well. The various recruiting sites have quotes from him about the visit and how he could see himself playing in Athens, and a guy like that would be a huge addition.

Georiga got him to come across the country for their spring game, and that is a massive recruiting win with this west coast kid. He seems to love Georgia and appreciate the passion Smart has.

Another five-star in Athens that Georgia gained some traction with is Samuel M’Pemba.

Outside linebackers coach Chidera Uzo-Diribe seems to have impacted this five-star. He is an athlete, so he is versatile, and Georgia would benefit greatly from having him join the team. Getting him in Athens for G-Day is massive as the IMG Academy player is a top priority for a few of the Dawgs’ rivals.

Hykeem Williams was back in Athens and, from the various photos, he hung out with two of Georgia’s 2022 signees in Dillon Bell, Christen Miller and Marvin Jones Jr. He is a top priority for the Dawgs — the visit seemed to have gone well.

Justice Haynes, yes, the legacy player, was also in town and he looked pleased to be on campus. Hopefully, his dad is persuading him to give his alma mater a chance. He showed the Gators some love last week, and while that social media post almost made us sick, it’s a process, and things change. He is still a top priority for Georgia and one they must sign.

The remaining 2022 signees were in town, and they were recruiting machines. This group understands they can help by chatting with guys they probably know from camps and playing against them, so why not convince them to come to Georgia.

After seeing the buzz around G-Day, it’s clear the Dawgs have a lot of momentum with some key players, and now those players get to think about it. Who doesn’t want to come to play in Athens for a successful program?

Plus, seeing those seniors get their national championship rings had to leave some kind of impact — right?

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Georgia football is always strategic during this time period of the recruiting cycle calendar. Smart will have his staff ready for the June quiet period when visits can happen again.