Georgia football has the rest of the SEC East obsessed

Kirby Smart embraces the national championship trophy during Saturday's celebration at Sanford Stadium in Athens.News Joshua L Jones
Kirby Smart embraces the national championship trophy during Saturday's celebration at Sanford Stadium in Athens.News Joshua L Jones /

With success comes imitation, and Georgia football is beginning to see that first-handed as the rest of the SEC East is so obviously obsessed with the Bulldogs.

Dawg fans deal with people thinking they want to be Alabama, but the rest of the SEC East wants to be Georgia in reality. The two top teams in the SEC are Alabama and Georgia, so other teams want to be like them.

Everyone has to have fans, right? Even if they are their rivals and conference opponents.

Georgia is far from being obsessed with Alabama, but the way Florida and other SEC East schools continue to try and be like the Dawgs are getting a little out of control.

From similar jersey styles, recruiting tactics or lack thereof, and other things, SEC East schools have no originality. South Carolina has the most, with a former Georgia assistant as their head coach — that should tell you everything to know.

Georgia football is the latest obsession among other SEC East schools.

After seeing that the Florida Gators are doing black jerseys in 2023, their recruiting vehicle, and the countless other things that Bill Napier is attempting in Gainsville, this article had to get written.

The Gators fired Dan Mullen and hired Napier, which has a great offensive mind, but some of his decisions have been interesting. So many of their fans have made fun of Georgia’s black jerseys, and now the Gators will have some.

According to a Sports Illustrated article, the Gators would wear black in the future. Napier responded to why they would wear black and how they’d auction off the jerseys and give the profits to military people and their families.

Black jerseys, though — come on, that is just something that doesn’t sit right.

That coincidence isn’t the only thing similar to Georgia, as the article flat out said the Gators want to compete with the national champion Georgia Bulldogs.

This article discusses how Georgia has so many personal running the program and how they either need to keep up with the Joneses or get left behind.

When Florida hired Katie Turner from Georgia, fans went nuts about it. She went to Florida, and it was a good move for her, but it wasn’t like they took the offensive coordinator.

Turner got brought in to help with recruiting because that is what she did with Georgia.

That same article mentioned there could be stadium renovations, bigger facilities, and a football operation facility — sound familiar? While we get it, teams want to get better and if Georgia is the blueprint, by all means, go for it, but that won’t make the program successful.

Not to mention, the Gators recently announced a massive NIL program for their student-athletes. That system isn’t copying Georgia, but they are trying to beat the Dawgs the only way they know how.

What’s next? LED lights at the swamp? At this point, it wouldn’t be surprising.

Florida isn’t the only one in the SEC East changing things around to find a way and compete with the Dawgs. All of the East schools seem to have implemented new tactics to help build their programs.

What Georgia has done since head coach Kirby Smart took over has been noted by the other athletic directors. Since Smart got to Athens, he has a 30-5 record against SEC East programs, including a 15-0 road game record.

Georgia contends yearly by dominating its side of the conference. Florida slipped in one time, but other than that, Georgia keeps increasing the gap between itself and the rest of the East.

Florida and the other schools can make changes, but it isn’t going to slow down Georgia from what it’s already doing. These teams are years behind the Dawgs, and Smart knows he must keep the throttle down to keep that gap. 

Will they be more competitive? Yes, that helps the Dawgs more, but will they take the crown from Georgia? Maybe once in a blue moon, but this side of the conference belongs to the Dawgs, and the rest of the SEC East teams can keep obsessing from afar.

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Georgia football isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and none of the SEC East schools have the capabilities to match the Dawgs.