Jordan Davis heads to Philly as he gets selected 13th overall

Georgia football defensive lineman Jordan Davis is the second Dawg off the board for the 2022 NFL Draft as the Eagles selected him at 13th overall.

Davis was a guy who fluctuated on the draft boards where he would get selected, but regardless of the consense was that he was a first-rounder.

The Eagles and Texans traded picks, resulting in the big man coming off the board.

He was a key member of the 2021 Georgia football defense, and while there were a lot of playmakers on that squad, everyone knew when Davis was on the field.

Georgia football sees Jordan Davis drafted in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft.

Davis was one of the leaders who came back to Athens for one more season, and it made a massive difference.

At Georgia, Davis was the plug up front. He ran 4.78 at the NFL Combine, and for someone as massive as Davis is, it was impressive.

The Eagles picked up a great athlete that doesn’t have any stamina issues. Davis was productive, and even though the draft experts focused on two games that saw him breathing heavily — Davis is a straight playmaker.

He dropped weight in preparation for the NFL Combine, and it paid off in Indianapolis. Davis is so fast for a big man and will make the Eagles very happy.

Philly got a leader for their defense, and while some people may be unsure about him, Davis will prove all the doubters wrong.

He is truly the perfect fit for the Eagles and will be an excellent plug for their defensive line.

There isn’t much to not like about Davis as he is an all-around player. Off the field, Davis is a level-headed player that will be a great community guy.  He makes smart decisions and will be a great addition.

Georgia has two guys taken in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft through 13 picks, which is incredible.

The Dawgs are on track to have one special NFL Draft, and seeing guys like Davis get picked where he deserves to is such a warm feeling. Seeing these Dawgs go early shows the development coming out of Georgia and how unique these players are.

Georgia football now has 13 guys remaining on the board, and these two won’t be the last Dawgs taken in round one of this draft. Who will be next off the board for the Dawgs? Will it be another defender, or will an offensive player shock everyone?