The Bills draft versatile RB James Cook with 63rd pick

James Cook runs the ball into the end zone for a touchdown. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
James Cook runs the ball into the end zone for a touchdown. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Georgia football now has two players drafted in the second round of the 2022 NFL Draft as versatile running back James Cook gets selected by the Buffalo Bills with the 63rd pick.

The Dawgs saw two offensive weapons drafted in round two to give the Dawgs seven draft picks heading into the third round.

Cook is looking to make his own impact in the NFL and no longer be considered Dalvin Cook’s little brother.

The Bills made a solid choice in picking up Cook, as he will be a great addition not only on the ground but also in the passing game.

Georgia football saw James Cook drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Cook was one of the leaders that chose to come back for one more year, and it paid off as he played a pivotal role in the playoffs that led to the national title.

The Bills kept trading their picks but stuck with the 63rd pick and got a great addition. Cook may not have been a first-round running back, but he is one of the most talented guys in this draft class. He has a lot of potential and has no idea how high his ceiling is because Georgia uses its back as a group instead of having one premier back.

During his time at Georgia, Cook finished with 728 yards and seven touchdowns, averaging 6.4 yards a carry. He also had 27 catches for 284 yards and four scores.

Cook was huge during the Orange Bowl for the Dawgs, but also during the Tennesee game as he showed a lot of growth and versatility. Plus, he has excellent hands, and when he gets into space, Cook hits another level of speed.

He also made an impact in the national title game with that 67-yard run that led to the Dawgs scoring and containing all the momentum. Despite not having a ton of impressive statistics, moments like the championship game and semifinals make him such an excellent addition for the Bills.

Cook isn’t afraid to rise to the occasion and has that competitive spirit inside him. If he played anywhere else in college football, Cook would have been a 1,000-plus yard running back and likely a Heisman Trophy contender.

Instead, he came to the University of Georgia, where he learned how to be a team player and take advantage of the opportunities given to him. Cook knows what hard work gets him, and now he will be able to prove himself to the Bills.

While he may not break the starting lineup right away, he should make the roster and eventually earn some playing time. However, that weekend the Bills play, the Vikings will be one to watch to see the two brothers hopefully battle it out and earn some bragging rights.

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Georgia football has nine left on its draft board as the 2022 NFL Draft is officially in the third round. The Dawgs should see some momentum during this round and into Day 3.