NFL draft grades: How did the Georgia football players rank through 3rd round?

Georgia Football (Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports)
Georgia Football (Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Georgia football has seen nine players drafted in the first three rounds of the 2022 NFL Draft, as four more Dawgs got selected in the second and third rounds on Friday night.

The Dawgs broke another NFL Draft record on Friday night as they saw seven defensive players taken in three rounds. They tied their 2021 record for the total of players selected in one year at nine. Georgia will hopefully see more than nine taken, so the Dawgs could still hit that 14 mark.

Six Dawgs are remaining, and the confidence that at least five of them will get selected on Saturday is still high. It’s crazy to think that the Dawgs have already seen nine chosen in three rounds because that is almost unheard of, and if it happens, it’s rare.

After the first two days, outside seeing Nakobe Dean drop to the third round, the NFL teams who chose the Dawgs picked guys who fit their systems.

Georgia football sees its first nine picks receive substantial grading in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Among the four players selected on Friday night, two went in round two and two in round three. Georgia saw two offensive playmakers get picked up in round two in George Pickens and James Cook. Dean and Channing Tindall wrapped up the night.

As we reflect on these first nine picks, instead of going individually, we will do it by the team and provide a grade based on need, where they got selected, and what kind of an impact the player or players will make.

We will go from top to bottom unless a team picked up more than one Dawg, and of the nine picks, there are seven teams to grade as the Eagles and Packers drafted multiple players. With one day left and four more rounds to go, let’s give out some grades for these nine playmakers already off the board.