NFL draft grades: How did the Georgia football players rank through 3rd round?

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George Pickens celebrates after winning the College Football Playoff National Championship (Joshua L Jones/ Online Athens) /

GEORGE PICKENS. B. . WR. Pittsburgh Steelers

George Pickens was the first Dawg off the board on Day 2 of the NFL Draft as the Pittsburgh Steelers drafted him with the 52nd overall pick.

The Steelers get a B here because the pairing is odd, but it will work for the talented receiver. Many teams were wary about drafting Pickens since he didn’t have a ton of 2021 film and his knee injury, but the Steelers took their shot.

Some even suggested that his attitude was a big reason he didn’t get drafted higher, but his personality fits well with the Steelers. That aggressive cockiness will fit in nicely, but he will have to keep that in check because you cannot shove and punch NFL players as he did at Georgia Tech a few years back.

Pickens gives the Steelers a strong receiver who has sticky hands and a high football IQ, so he could be a guy who breaks into the starting lineup by Week 2 if he stays healthy.

The biggest question mark is his health, which is why it was interesting to see the Steelers draft him. He is clear to play, but ACL injuries are something to note.

However, after seeing their head coach in Athens for Pro Day watch him closely, they snagged him at what they felt was the right place. Pickens would have been a first-round pick if it weren’t for his injury, so I will also say that the Steelers got him a lot cheaper than he originally would have.

The Steelers get a B here because the outcome is still up in the air in terms of how well this will work out, but if handled the right way Pickens will be a successful rookie.