Georgia Football is the new king with tone setting NFL Draft

Head Coach Kirby Smart celebrates winning the College Football Playoff Championship. (Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images)
Head Coach Kirby Smart celebrates winning the College Football Playoff Championship. (Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images) /

After Georgia football saw all 15 players drafted in the 2022 NFL Draft, it almost felt as good as when the Dawgs won the national championship.

No one has ever seen a better NFL Draft class, and while that 2019 LSU one was incredible, the Dawgs didn’t lose everything they had.

The scariest part about this accomplishment is that Georgia has a stable full of playmakers back in Athens ready to prove themselves. That group is as talented as the one that just fulfilled their dreams.

Georgia football climbed and conquered — now the Dawgs are king.

Head coach Kirby Smart is an evil genius in all the right ways because he continues to find ways to impress.

He did something his mentor hadn’t done and broke so many records. The past three days have been all about Georgia, and seeing all 15 drafted was incredible.

Does that mean Georgia had the best defense ever — like in college football history? At this point, we’re going to say yes because they did something many didn’t think could happen.

Georgia hasn’t completely taken over college football, but this draft class puts them on top until next year.

Smart and his staff are proving greatness can happen for other teams without being Alabama. This article isn’t to compare Georgia to Alabama because that has gotten done enough. The comparisons of Nick Saban and Smart are old, and so are the Mark Richt ones too.

After this NFL Draft and seeing how Smart interacted with Jordan Davis on Thursday during the first round — he has solidified his own identity. There doesn’t need to be comparisons because he has done something the other two haven’t and couldn’t.

King Kirby has a fantastic ring to it. This accomplishment will help the long offseason ahead of us, but what it will affect the most is recruiting. Smart is being wise about the NIL deals and all of that because he knows that if recruits trust him, the league will be there to give a better payday.

This draft class proves that, regardless of how new the NIL situation is because 15 drafted guys trump everything. Winning a national championship helped Georgia’s recruiting, but this draft made it unfair for the rest of college football. Another article for that topic had to get mentioned here because it will be what gets affected the most.

Football doesn’t need more of ‘Georgia is doing what Alabama usually does” or anything remotely similar. No, Georgia is doing what Georgia does because they were the ones who broke the records and set the tone.

Alabama fans are melting on social media right now and have been since Thursday when Travon Walker went No.1 overall. They cannot stand that Georgia has the attention of college and NFL football.  Alabama, Florida, Miami, and so many other fanbases, are genuinely having a hard time accepting the success Georgia has found, but they better get used to it.

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Georgia has set the new tone, and there aren’t many programs that are remotely close to the Dawgs. There is still a long way for the Dawgs to gain the King title fully, but it’s all about Georgia for the next year, and no one can take that away from them.

National Champs and NFL Draft Champs — It’s great to be a Georgia Bulldog and the future of this program is brighter than it has ever been.