Georgia football players seen as epic Star Wars characters

Sanford Stadium is illuminated in red (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)
Sanford Stadium is illuminated in red (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images) /
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Georgia football, Star Wars
JT Daniels of the Georgia Bulldogs on the field against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. (Photo by Adam Hagy/Getty Images) /

JT Daniels as C3PO

We cannot include R2D2 without finding a match for C3PO and, after much deliberation, former Dawg quarterback but a member of the 2021 Georgia football team, JT Daniels.

Daniels and C3PO enjoy learning things, are team players, and are slightly nerdy. The former quarterback is a film junkie who loves getting in the film room and improving his craft.

Even though Daniels didn’t see a lot of action, he was a topic of discussion constantly, and C3PO always had something to say.

This protocol droid is gold, and Daniels is originally from the Golden State, so another match made in heaven.

Daniels fought through adversity with injuries, and C3PO had his memory erased, brought back, and just went through a lot. He is a sassy, nerdy droid that Anakin Skywalker created, so much like R2D2, and he saw a lot throughout the movie franchise.

While some find him fussy and worry-prone, C3PO was helpful when any other main characters needed him. Daniels was an excellent teammate to Stetson Bennett and helped him throughout the season despite Bennett taking his job.

C3PO loves his people, and when they reunite, it’s great seeing him get excited. Daniels loves Georgia and his teammates even though it didn’t work out for him. We paired them together because both often seem misunderstood by those around them, but in the end they are some of the most loyal.