Georgia football: The best thing Kirby Smart can do is remain silent

There is no telling what is going through the mind of Georgia football head coach Kirby Smart after seeing what has gone down in the last 24 hours.

When Alabama head coach Nick Saban opened the can of worms on Texas A&M, we knew there would be some response, but not to the level that Aggies’ head coach Jimbo Fisher went in his Thursday press conference.

Two college football juggernauts going head to head about paying for players is not something we had on our May Bingo card, but we are enjoying seeing Georgia not be in the middle of it.

Georgia football head coach Kirby Smart needs to mind his business.

The best thing Smart can do is use this to his advantage on the recruiting trail and stay in his lane. There is no need for him to join the argument that looks like two high schoolers fighting over a girl who tricked them both.

Fisher doesn’t care and will say anything to turn the narrative however he wants, but this situation could turn college football on its head.

Both Saban and Fisher are in a cat fight about paying players, but that doesn’t mean Smart should get dragged into it. He needs to let them bicker at each other and take advantage of being distracted.

Smart and Georgia have a NIL initiative, but that doesn’t mean they use it the same way Texas A&M does or even Alabama. How schools use them is up in the air because regulations on them aren’t quite there.

We’re not discussing that in this article but how Smart should address this situation. Staying silent isn’t a negative thing. It shows he is mature about this situation, and even though he coached under Saban as Fisher did, there is no reason to throw a hissy fit when comments get made.

Smart needs to get on the phone and continue to push the NFL narrative to these recruits. He wins this whole situation if he can show them the NIL money will come once they get on campus.

If anyone wins this wild mid-May debacle between two of college football’s most well-known coaches, it’s Smart. He is already an elite recruiter, but this gives him an angle to take. While these two coaches are bickering like school girls, he can make up some ground with guys looking at both Texas A&M and Alabama.

The smartest thing to do is not comment on this situation and let it work itself out. Georgia isn’t immoral to the NIL and how it’s affecting college football, but if coaches are imploding and crying, use it to your advantage and keep recruiting at an elite level.