Georgia football puts in the teamwork this summer to succeed

Georgia football is busy bonding this summer with various activities to help them grow stronger as a team.

A video posted by the Georgia social media team shows the guys bonding with paintball, pranking other teammates and enjoying each other.

These kinds of videos are the best to see right now in the middle of the offseason because it shows them doing other team-building things without using a football.

Team building is great during the summertime because it’s important to bond off the field as much as it is on it.

Georgia football works to stay successful with more team activities off the football field.

The three words they captioned the video with is what this program built around and how head coach Kirby Smart wants this team to feel about each other.

Connection, brotherhood and leadership are how the Dawgs won a national championship. They implemented these kinds of team building situations and that allowed them to grow so close, which helped make it all happen.

Brotherhood is important because when you play for each other and avoid being selfish, it’s so important. When you sacrifice yourself for your brother, they will do the same.

Selfish players aren’t welcomed at Georgia, and those kinds of players you’ve seen transfer. I’m not saying recently because some kids left because of playing time.

Anyway, Smart has realized these kinds of team building things really do help Georgia because it allows them to bond on a different level. Those things are so much more important than anyone realizes.

Connection correlates with brotherhood — when you combine those, leadership happens naturally. There are vocal and silent leaders too, but these team building situations allow coaches to really see who they can utilize in those roles.

This video shows more than just a fun light-hearted moment, it’s letting the world know they are building something again in 2022.