Georgia football is the team that is being slept on the most this year

Stetson Bennett celebrates with the National Championship trophy after the Georgia Bulldogs defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide 33-18. (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)
Stetson Bennett celebrates with the National Championship trophy after the Georgia Bulldogs defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide 33-18. (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images) /

Georgia football is the defending national champions, but for some reason, some people overlook them for the 2022 season.

While intelligent people know that Georgia football will be a contender in 2022, some people still think what happened last year was a one-time thing.

This topic brings us to this article and how the Dawgs are the most slept on in the SEC and all college football.

Many people predict the Dawgs to fall during the regular season to Tennesee or maybe Kentucky, and some even predict Florida.

While none of those are invalid, what about Georgia screams they will not steamroll the SEC East like they’ve done most seasons under head coach Kirby Smart?

Sure the Dawgs lost a lot of players to the NFL Draft but rebuilding and recruiting still matter — which are two of this coaching staff’s biggest strengths.

Georgia football may be a team that is getting slept on for 2022, but they’ll soon remind the world.

There are double-digit players on this roster who have over 70 snaps from last season, so to imply that Georgia doesn’t have the talent is silly.

The funnier thing is that some think that the 2021 Georgia and the 2019 LSU teams are similar, but they are not. Smart was wise enough to make sure he had depth at key positions. While LSU did have some unfortunate transfers, and it did deplete their depth, the Dawgs haven’t seen that.

Georgia has even seen some of its players transferred to other schools, but that doesn’t mean the talent in Athens is any less.

Another reason that people don’t think Georgia will be successful is because of Stetson Bennett, which is nonsense. He just took that team to a national championship, and while the defense helped out a lot, Bennett threw the touchdown passes. With another year of growth under his belt, Bennett could produce even better numbers in 2022.

He has the leadership skills and what it takes to lead this team to success, which he proved last season, so thinking he cannot do it again in 2022 makes him work harder.

The amount of returning and even the new playmakers on offense helps them grow from 2021 into this year. Yes, the defense is working on replacing those significant playmakers, but those who are still on the roster are more than capable.

This defense may not be as good as the 2021 one because that one was historically dominant, but they will still be elite. It may take some time to put it all together, but the Dawgs have a favorable schedule that will allow them to grow as the season continues.

Georgia is much better than anyone realizes, and it’s frustrating to see people not see what most fans do. Some opponents and rivals don’t want to think that Georgia is on a path to success, which is fine.

However, the question of who is getting slept on for 2022 — it’s still Georgia because until they accept how good the Dawgs are, they will continue to be surprised when they lose.

Georgia can continue to have doubters because it’s college football, and this sport is flat-out weird, but without a doubt, the Dawgs are getting slept on for reasons people cannot accept.

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This upcoming season cannot get here fast enough so the Dawgs can prove themselves once again.