Georgia football: Those skull sessions are a huge advantage

Georgia football introduced skull sessions last year before the historic 2021 national championship run, and so many times, the players and coaches explained how much they helped.

With this 2022 squad, head coach Kirby Smart brought those sessions back into the program.

It’s great to see them make a comeback because these things were something that players constantly talked about, and when a group of young men can come together like they did last year, it should forever stay in the program.

Players also have to buy into the program and the things they do as a team for it to work fully. After Smart discussed it, this new group seems to have decided to buy in and trust the process.

Georgia football continues to utilize skull sessions to come together as one.

These skull sessions aren’t just about on-field stuff but off-the-field discussions too. Football isn’t forever, and by dictating time to focus on things outside football, relationships among each other, educating the team and everything else they discuss, it truly makes the team grow stronger.

“We have skull sessions, 15-minute meetings, 20-minute meetings and breakout groups, Smart said at SEC Media Days. “We talk about how the mighty have fallen. I’m talking about in business, sports, history. You learn from the mistakes of others.”

These discussions are extremely important because it puts so much into perspective. One of the biggest takeaways from that quote is the part of how the mighty have fallen. It reverts to staying humble, always working to become better — knowing that in a blink of an eye, adversity can hit, so it’s about how to handle that and keep fighting.

Smart said his players have bought into these skull sessions, which is huge because they begin to hold themselves and each other accountable. When they believe in each other, trust each other and sacrifice their own success for each other, that team will do great things.

To get the success they did in 2021, and the program had to buy in and believe that whatever decision gets made is the best one for the program. Will this 2022 squad be able to do that? Some leaders who stayed know how much success skull sessions can bring, so hopefully, they will buy in and continue to do great things.