Georgia Football: The all-time best snippets from Saturday of Week 2

ATHENS, GA - SEPTEMBER 10: Spike squad cheers for Georgia during a game between Samford Bulldogs and Georgia Bulldogs at Sanford Stadium on September 10, 2022 in Athens, Georgia. (Photo by Steve Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty Images)
ATHENS, GA - SEPTEMBER 10: Spike squad cheers for Georgia during a game between Samford Bulldogs and Georgia Bulldogs at Sanford Stadium on September 10, 2022 in Athens, Georgia. (Photo by Steve Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty Images) /

Week 2 of Georgia football is officially in the books, which means it’s time for Snippets of Saturday, a random collection of some of my favorite movements from this past weekend of college football. This week, we even have a few NFL mentions!

Once again, with a completely biased emphasis on the reigning national champions, the Georgia Bulldogs. Don’t you just love saying that??

Week 2 was a doozy for college football, but that is one of the reasons we love it so much. When havoc ensues, it usually means it was a good weekend.

Georgia football steps aside in the Game of the Week

It was a crazy weekend for college football!

While Georgia’s showing against Samford felt lackluster, after the scare Alabama had against Texas, Marshall upsetting Notre Dame, Georgia Southern beating Nebraska, and Appalachian State pulling off the upset in College Station, I don’t know about you, but 33-0 suddenly doesn’t look so bad.

Let’s all take this moment and once again thank God for head coach Kirby Smart.

All done? Okay, back to business. The Alabama/Texas game was the game to watch this week. If you’re not familiar with the term schadenfreude, you should be. It’s German, and it means to take pleasure in another’s misfortune.

Whether you were pulling for or against Alabama, I think most Georgia fans can agree the scare that Bama fans received against Texas filled us with schadenfreude. It’s not often that Alabama struggles, so it’s a rarity that should be appreciated when it happens. Plus, it provided us with an extremely thrilling game.

Kentucky and Florida in the Swamp was also a great matchup. While Anthony Richardson struggled with the Wildcats eventually pulling off the win, don’t write him off yet. He will be a great player one day, but he’s not there just yet. And after all of Florida’s smack talk the week before, well…it was schadenfreude again for Dawg fans.

Sign of the Week

You can’t pass this one up from College GameDay. I loved it the moment I saw it, and Shari Sykes said it was her favorite as well.

Honestly, I still can’t believe sometimes that we as Georgia fans get to finally experience what it’s like to be the top dawg. Again, take a moment and thank God for Kirby Smart.

Craziest Moment

Well as far as college football goes, this was by far the craziest moment of the weekend.

It’s peak College GameDay content and ranks right up there in the same level of disgusting craziness as the guy who dumped a whole jar of mayonnaise on himself. College football, t’s crazy, man.

But as a Georgia fan, my personal favorite crazy moment is hands down this guy.

Who is this guy? Where did he buy this bone? What was going through his mind? I have so many questions. One thing I do know though, he’s definitely got that Dawg in him.

Favorite Moment

While those were some of the craziest moments of the week, my favorite moment was actually a rather simple one. I loved this exchange between Kirby Smart and Arik Gilbert on the sidelines.

Gilbert has had a hard time the last year or so, and rumors have flown crazy through it all. So I loved this moment where we all got to see Smart take a moment and love the person behind the player.

And honestly, we would be wise to do the same. It’s easy to get caught up in the emotions of the game, but at the end of the day, it’s just that— a game. The players we cheer for are not only people but someone’s son, grandson, brother, nephew, and boyfriend. So thank God for a coach that loves like Smart, and try to be a little more like him the next time you post something online.

Meme of the Week

The moment I saw this was one I knew it had to be included!

Schadenfreude strikes again at Texas A&M’s expense.

Play of the Week

Hopping over to the NFL for this one! When Tae Crowder, Georgia running back turned starting linebacker and Mr. Irrelevant (really a terrible name), makes a hit like this on THE Derrick Henry (you know the guy that makes every other athlete look small?), you know it’s relevant and needs to be included.

Seriously. How awesome is this hit??

Stats of the Week

Again, NFL for this one! Former Bulldog, honorary member of the Redcoat Band, and fan favorite Jordan Davis deserved to be recognized for the difference he made in Week 1 of the NFL.

But, after shutting out Samford this week, we have to include this stat as well.

Again, thank God for Smart and good defense.

Story of the Week

I have two stories that have touched my heart this week. The first involves Clemson Football’s Bryan Bresee. His sister Ella is currently battling brain cancer.

At this past Saturday’s home opener, the entire Clemson team wore shirts that said “E11aStrong” to encourage and support her family. Because as I’ve said before, football at its core is all about family.

The second story does not have any football connections but unfortunately still involves cancer. Luxe is a 9-year-old girl currently living in Memphis as she undergoes her second bone marrow transplant. Her one request is to receive a postcard from every state in the U.S hopefully.

Football is about family and bringing people together around our shared love of the game so that we can in turn share in each other’s struggles, despite all of our differences. And what better way to show that than by sending a postcard with a note of encouragement, a short prayer, and maybe even a “Go Dawgs.”

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