Georgia Football: Offense’s midseason grades dispatch preseason hate

ATHENS, GA - OCTOBER 15: Brock Bowers #19 takes a pitch from Stetson Bennett #13 of the Georgia Bulldogs during a game between Vanderbilt Commodores and Georgia Bulldogs at Sanford Stadium on October 15, 2022 in Athens, Georgia. (Photo by Steve Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty Images)
ATHENS, GA - OCTOBER 15: Brock Bowers #19 takes a pitch from Stetson Bennett #13 of the Georgia Bulldogs during a game between Vanderbilt Commodores and Georgia Bulldogs at Sanford Stadium on October 15, 2022 in Athens, Georgia. (Photo by Steve Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty Images) /

Georgia football fans expected the Dawgs’ offense to be good, but after the first seven games, it’s safe to say they exceeded our expectations. The Dawgs have one of the best offenses in the SEC and all college football.

Despite losing two running backs, a few offensive linemen, and a highly talented receiver, the Dawgs have seen its youthful offense grow up quickly. Some injuries have limited them from opening up the book, but this group has done a tremendous job outside the Missouri game. They did so well that the Missouri game doesn’t bother us anymore.

Starting quarterback Stetson Bennett has been tremendous running this offense. The running backs have asserted themselves. We’re seeing guys in the tight end and receiving room stepping up and having big moments. The offensive line is blocking better, so as a whole, the Dawgs have made it a point to show the world this program doesn’t just have elite defenses — those offenses are elite too.

Georgia football sees its offense earn A+ marks at the midway point of the 2022 season.

Before we break into each position and give them grades, let’s look at the Dawgs’ offense as a whole. Georgia averages 41.7 points a game right now, which is No.3 in the SEC behind Alabama and Tennessee. The Dawgs’ rush attack is No. 6 in the league averaging 196.71 yards a game and 5.6 yards a carry.

The Dawgs average 329.9 yards a game through the air, which ranks No. 2 in the SEC behind Tennessee. Georgia also ranks No. 2 in the SEC in total offense as the Dawgs average 526.6 yards a game and 7.26 yards a play.

The Dawgs lead the SEC in third downs, converting 52.38% of them. They also lead the league in red zone conversions at 97.67%. Georgia has scored 42 of 43 times in the red zone, but there are still people out there questioning this offense.

No one should question this offense’s validity, yet some are still not satisfied with it. You can’t please everyone, but Georgia doesn’t care if it pleases as long as it wins.

Now that we’ve seen the offense on paper let’s break down each position and grade them.

Georgia football quarterbacks: A+

Starting quarterback Stetson Bennett has done a tremendous job in six games. He has thrown for 2,033 yards, seven touchdowns, one interception and completes 70.74% of his passes. Outside of his performance against Missouri, Bennett has been highly accurate. There has only been one game where he threw for under 250 yards, which should tell you something.

Who cares if he only has seven touchdowns — Georgia scores points regardless.

Bennett will always get criticism because they don’t understand why he is a good quarterback. Who cares anymore. The guy has gone above and beyond to be successful, which is more than enough for us.

Behind him, Carson Beck has blossomed into a stout backup quarterback. He has grown a ton with his confidence and trusting the receivers. Beck has been in five of the seven games, completing 23-of-30 passes for 276 yards and four touchdowns. He completes 76.67% of his passes, so when Beck throws the ball, it’s with a purpose.

After his performance against Vanderbilt, Georgia can trust Beck with this offense if something unforeseen happens.

Georgia football running backs: A+

Georgia’s running backs have seen a lot of love this season. The Dawgs have scored 24 rushing touchdowns through seven games, with 15 coming from running backs. Daijun Edwards leads the pack with 59 carries for 334 yards and five scores. He averages 5.7 yards a carry.

Kendall Milton is behind him with 46 carries for 284 yards and four scores, averaging 6.2 yards a touch. Kenny McIntosh has four scores and 242 yards — he is more of the versatile back that gets used in the passing game, so more on him later. Branson Robinson has 199 yards on 34 carries and averages 5.9 yards. He scored once.

Georgia’s offensive line is opening holes, Monken is using them on the outside, and it’s helping balance out the heavy passing that we’ve seen. This group has done a great job sharing the load. Georgia found its rush attack this season as they’ve recorded 200-plus yards in three of the seven games and at least 150 in the last five straight games.

They get an A+ because it’s a much-improved position that I think will help the Dawgs win some games down the stretch, including this weekend against the Gators.

Georgia football tight ends: A+

This tight end room is special, and Georgia knows how special it is. Brock Bowers and Darnell Washington are leading the group, as they are almost unstoppable. Washington has done a great job of making big plays and keeping the chains moving. He isn’t a one-catch wonder this year, as the big man makes it a point to be one of the top receivers each week.

Washington has 16 catches for 285 yards, and while he hasn’t scored yet, it’s coming. Bowers again leads the team with 26 catches for 393 yards and two touchdowns. These two are so much fun to watch when they’re catching the ball and even when they aren’t. Their blocking is incredible to watch, and there is only one grade to give them — an A+. If we could provide them with something higher, we would.

Georgia football wide receivers: A

The Dawgs spread the wealth among its tight ends and its receivers. There are 22 players with at least one catch, so everyone gets a chance if he can get open for Bennett. However, they don’t get an A+ because there are some inconsistencies there. We’ve had a lot of dropped balls, and while the tight ends have dropped some, too, their powerful presence outweighed their mistakes.

Ladd McConkey leads the receivers with 29 catches for 362 yards and one score. McIntosh isn’t a receiver but gets used a lot in the passing game and has 28 catches for 270 yards and one touchdown. The Dawgs are missing a true receiver because AD Mitchell is out with an injury. I’ll give Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint a lot of credit because he has stepped up big time in the last few weeks. He has 13 catches for 170 yards.

Dillon Bell is another young guy that deserves a lot of praise, too, because he has stepped up and made some big plays. He has 13 catches for 131 yards and two scores. Dominick Blaylock is back and growing more confident by the week. He is someone I think has a big second half to the season.

If these guys can clean up the drops and continue to make plays, that A will move to an A+. We are nitpicking, but I know this group is even better than we’ve seen, so it’s time for them to shine.

Georgia football offensive line: A-

The last position of the offense is probably the most important one because the Dawgs’ offensive line protects the quarterback long enough to make the passes for the receivers to catch, and they open holes up for the running backs.

However, they have not been perfect. Georgia has a hard time running up the middle because the offensive line sometimes cannot get that push. Once they wear them down, the Dawgs do get that push, but it takes a little bit. We are being nitpicky about this offensive line, but they struggled when they got the kitchen sink thrown at them. This unit has improved since the Missouri game, but the expectations are still high.

Georgia’s offensive line does a great job giving Bennett time to throw, but they have given up seven sacks in seven games. They’ve got to protect him from keeping this offense going. This line has so much talent on it, and they’re getting better. This group is on the watchlist for the best offensive line in the country, but they could still be better.

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The Dawgs have a stout offense that pairs nicely with its elite defense. This group has what it takes to be in contention again, but they will have to focus hard and avoid silly mistakes. What happened against Kent State and Missouri cannot happen against Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky or Mississippi State. Georgia cleans up the mistakes, has fun, and the wins will come.