6 things Georgia football does to remind the Vols they are little brother

Kenny McIntosh warms up before the Auburn game. (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)
Kenny McIntosh warms up before the Auburn game. (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images) /
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Georgia football takes on Tennessee this Saturday in a top-3 matchup that will likely be the best game of the year. This showdown is one of the most anticipated ones since the preseason, and now that the two teams are undefeated, this game will be wild.

Both teams are well-coached and should be confident in themselves. These two SEC East foes match up nicely because Tennessee’s offense is explosive, and so is Georgia’s defense. The Dawgs’ offense is efficient, and the Vols’ defense knows how to force mistakes. Each team has something that will challenge the other.

Tennessee presents a unique challenge to the Dawgs, but it isn’t one that they can’t handle. Georgia has the tools and ability to win this ballgame. With it being in Athens, this atmosphere will be electric. There is so much excitement surrounding this game. Georgia fans will bring their A-game — much like they did against Notre Dame and Arkansas last year.

As two evenly matched as these teams are, how can Georiga beat the Vols? What will it take? Here are three offensive and three defensive things that the Dawgs do to remind Tennessee who the king of the SEC East is.

 Georgia football does these six things to remind Tennessee that the Dawgs are big brother.

Georgia and Tennessee are two of the best offenses in the SEC. The Dawgs average 43.1 points, and the Vols average 49.4. Those numbers rank No.1 and 2 in the SEC. On the ground, Georgia takes the slight edge over Tennessee, averaging 202 yards a game and 5.65 yards a touch. The Vols average 199.63 yards and 4.6 yards a carry. Both teams average around 48 carries a game.

Tennessee has a dynamic passing game averaging 353.4 yards in the air and 11.3 yards an attempt. Georgia is right behind them, averaging 328.1 yards and 8.9 yards an attempt. These passing numbers rank No.1 and 2 in the league.

As for the total offense, Tennesse is No.1 in the SEC, averaging 553 yards a game and 7.4 yards per play. Georgia is No. 2 with 530.1 total yards and 7.24 yards a play. The Dawgs do convert more third downs as they lead the SEC at 52.08%, while the Vols are No.3 at 50.46%

Defensively, Georgia is an overall better unit, while Tennessee has better stats for the offense. The Dawgs lead the SEC in Scoring defense, giving up 10.5 points a game and 84 through eight games. Tennessee is No. 4, giving up 21 points and 168 total.

Georgia’s rush defense gives up 85.23 yards on the ground each game, 3.24 yards a touch, and just two rushing touchdowns in eight games. Tennessee gives up 92.88 yards, 2.9 yards a touch, and 10 rushing scores.

Through the air, Georgia is one of the best passing defenses in the SEC at No.2 behind Texas A&M. The Dawgs give up 177.1 yards, five scores, and six interceptions. Quarterbacks complete 53.6% of passes on average. As for Tennessee, they have the No.12 passing defense giving up 300.8 yards, 10 scores and nine interceptions. Quarterbacks complete around 62.2% against the Vols.

Georgia gives up 262.5 total yards a game while the Vols give up 393.6 yards, which puts the Dawgs at No.1 and the Vols at No.10. The Dawgs give up 4.56 yards a play, and the Vols give up 5.2 yards. Georgia does have an excellent third-down defense, allowing 28.83%, which is No.2 in the SEC, while Tennessee allows 30.97%.

Whew, that’s a lot of numbers thrown at us, but it’s to show you that these two teams are not that different. Now that we’ve dove deep into these numbers, here are the six things we want to see from Georgia on Saturday to beat the Vols.