6 things Georgia football does to remind the Vols they are little brother

Kenny McIntosh warms up before the Auburn game. (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)
Kenny McIntosh warms up before the Auburn game. (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images) /
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Georgia football has to communicate successfully to slow down Tennessee

The last thing that Georgia football needs to be successful in is communication. Georgia has to be on the same page because if the Dawgs aren’t, Tennessee will find a way to be successful. Tennessee is a smart team that does things purposefully, so the Dawgs must pay attention. Josh Heupel has a specific way of running things, and the Dawgs must stay disciplined.

Georgia cannot get silly substitutions or offsides penalties. The Dawgs have to rely on each other to make these plays. Communication is huge for the Dawgs because that will help keep players in the right spots. Georgia will have to stop the run without giving up too many bodies, and communicating during these times will be key. The Dawgs are an excellent defense, but they are still young.

Will there be explosive plays given up? Yes, but it’s about limiting them and communicating with each other so they can be prepared for what Tennessee throws at them.

Georgia football has all the things it needs to beat the Vols on Saturday. The Dawgs need to execute the game plan and trust that their head coaches have given them the tools for success.

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Having this game in the Classic City is a huge advantage and something that will help the defense out too. Georgia may not have all its playmakers, but they have scrappy guys ready to step up and show the world who runs the SEC East. Tennessee has played well this season, but they are about to run into big brother to remind them it isn’t their time to win the division.