Get over it Stetson Bennett is a worthy Heisman finalist

Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett poses with the Heisman Trophy at the Marriott Marquis in New York CityStetsonheisman
Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett poses with the Heisman Trophy at the Marriott Marquis in New York CityStetsonheisman /

Georgia football starting quarterback Stetson Bennett is in New York City with the three other Heisman Trophy finalists. Instead of having the focus on him and how exciting it is to be a finalist, there is a lot of drama about whether or not Hendon Hooker should be there instead.

Many Tennessee fans and others in general feel like Hooker got snubbed out of being a Heisman finalist. The amount of hate thrown at Bennett for various reasons was unfair and downright wrong. Shouldn’t people be happy for him? They can’t be because he doesn’t fit the mold, and instead of succumbing to the nonsense, he holds his head high and praises the quarterback that got left out because that’s who Bennett is.

He was polite about Hooker and showed much respect for the Vols’ quarterback. In an interview with Dawg Nation, Bennett gave Hooker credit and praised him. Bennett doesn’t have an ounce of selfishness in his body, and this answer shows that. He could have been upset about people trashing him about being a finalist and how he isn’t worthy of this, but instead, Bennett wanted to give Hooker the respect he should have gotten after this season.

Georgia football starting quarterback Stetson Bennett is worthy of his success.

The backlash that Bennett got for getting named a Heisman finalist was wrong and gross. Bennett has done nothing but work his tail off and try to bring success to Georgia football, which he has done. However, people want to focus on the lack of touchdown passes he made instead of the other impressive things he does.

Bennett doesn’t care what people say about him; he shouldn’t because it’s nothing new. He has gotten flack since Day 1 of competing for that starting role. When he won the starting role, his own fans were trying to replace him more often than not. Even with a national championship ring, some fans still don’t think he is good enough.

The number of rules that have tried to suggest the Heisman voters follow since Bennett got named a finalist shows how little they watch the game. All the guys in New York City are worthy of that spot, and Hooker got the short end of the stick. Is it fair? No, but it isn’t Bennett’s fault that he got his number called instead of Hooker’s. Bennett earned this spot, and while Hooker should be alongside him, it’s unfortunate that he isn’t.

He isn’t in New York City because he plays for the No.1 team in the country. Bennett is in New York because he has done plenty of Heisman-worthy things. No one had any issues with Bryce Young being on the No.1 team in the country when he won. Suggesting that you put Bennett on other teams is a weak narrative, too — hypotheticals aren’t what college football is about, and it’s annoying. People are made because their guy didn’t make it, so they bash another, and that is gross.

Bennett had to work for his success, and what he said about Hooker is why he is the right guy to be in New York City. The Heisman Trophy isn’t just about stats but about the player who epitomizes great ability combined with diligence, perseverance, and hard work. Bennett does all those things, but people still hate him. Who cares anymore? Bennett is a good quarterback and does what it takes to be successful. He has an SEC Championship, while the three others fell short of that goal. Does that not matter?

In short, it does matter, and Georgia is lucky to have someone like Bennett lead the team. Without him, no one really knows where Georgia would be. He is a leader, and his teammates will go to war for him. Those traits count when it comes to being a Heisman Trophy finalist and potential winner.

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Hooker got snubbed, yes, but suggesting that Bennett isn’t good enough for New York City is an old and dry narrative. People that are this upset about a young man being a finalist need to find a new hobby because Bennett is the walking definition of a Heisman Trophy winner. If he takes it home on Saturday, the internet might melt down, and it’ll be a glorious night to watch it unfold.