Georgia football: The hype video that gives the most goosebumps

Georgia Bulldogs (Mandatory Credit: Adam Cairns-The Columbus Dispatch)
Georgia Bulldogs (Mandatory Credit: Adam Cairns-The Columbus Dispatch) /

Georgia football fans love a good hype video, and the one the video crew put together for the Peach Bowl may be one of the best. Former Georgia great Bill Goldberg narrated the video, and from the moment he spoke, goosebumps will hit everywhere.

These videos are made to hype up fans and boy did this one. As we approach kickoff, watching this video will be just what folks need to get that last dose of excitement they’ll need for the 8 p.m. kickoff.

Goldberg is the perfect guy to have narrate a video because he is just an electric person. When he speaks, people listen. The title of this video being 60 minutes is also great because all the hard work they’ve done as a team led to this 60 min game.

Georgia football puts together best hype video of the season yet.

This video is so good. It’s hard to describe it because fans just need to watch and take it all in — it’s the only way to appreciate it. Georgia has a great video crew that knows how to capture a moment, and they did that with this one. Goldberg’s scrappy voice to go over it, just adds to the facade of what this upcoming game will mean for Georgia.

If the Dawgs want to make history, this game is the first one they have to get through. Ohio State is coming ready and Georgia will have to have a great game to beat the Buckeyes. Georgia needs the help of its fans to be loud and the 12th Dawg while they’re on defense. It’s a game we need to see an elite performance from everyone — not just the team but the cheerleaders, the band and the fans.

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Georgia football and Ohio State take the field in just a few hours as the Dawgs look to get into their second straight national championship game. The Dawgs are hungry and have a chip on their shoulder, so watch the hype video and get to the game early — let’s win this thing.