Georgia football, Stetson Bennett living rent-free in Erik Ainge’s head

Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Stetson Bennett (13) Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch
Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Stetson Bennett (13) Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch /

Georgia football fans are all too familiar with former Tennessee quarterback Erik Ainge and his disdain for all things Dawgs, and the Vols legend-in-his-own-mind is at it again. 

Erik Ainge just doesn’t learn. He loves spouting off about Georgia and throwing shade in the direction of Athens. Yet, every time he does it he seems to end up eating a big heaping slice of humble pie.

The last time Ainge attempted foot-in-mouth yoga was when he insulted the atmosphere and crowd energy at Sanford Stadium prior to the Bulldogs’ matchup with Tennessee in 2022. He was quick to make a half-hearted apology when Georgia disassembled the Vols’ vaunted offense much in part to the crowd making it very uncomfortable for anyone dressed in orange.

Well, he’d best save room for dessert because his latest jab at the Georgia football program is aimed at no other than Heisman finalist quarterback, Stetson Bennett.

Bennett, whose walk-on to program legend story has been well documented, is preparing to take on TCU in the College Football Playoff national championship game, and Mr. Ainge — whose only trip to New York and the Heisman ceremony would have been as a spectator — felt the need to engage in a little pre-game schadenfreude.

Ainge’s barb-tossing courtesy of

"“You know who I can’t stand though? Stetson Bennett. It was cute when he first got to play and played pretty good. And now the whole like I’m a walk-on, I’m a JUCO transfer, he’s like 28-3 as a starter at Georgia, or something like that.“I’m cheering hard against him. I want Georgia not to just lose the game I don’t want them to lose with Stetson Bennett throwing 4 touchdowns. I want Stetson Bennett to throw 4 picks and cost his team a championship. He’s such a punk.”"

If that’s not just begging karma to come down on your head the way an anvil falls on Wile E. Coyote, I don’t know what is.

Erik Ainge, you know nothing about Georgia football

Calling Stetson Bennett — one of the most humble and soft-spoken players in the nation — a “punk” is nothing more than Ainge engaging in some flag-waving for attention. He’s so far off base he can’t even see the bag.

Perhaps it’s just hard for Ainge to imagine the type of excitement and emotion Bennett feels and displays after winning a big postseason game or a national championship. I mean, it has to be practically unimaginable for someone whose biggest win outside the regular season was in the Outback Bowl.

Here’s some advice, Erik. Stick to what you know. You know Vols football. You obviously have zero insight into the Georgia football program, its fans, or the players. Spend more time gloating over Tennessee’s impressive victory over Clemson in the Orange Bowl, and less time ruminating about the Dawgs and fueling your jealousy.

Oh, and if you want to talk to Stetson like a man, I’m sure you can get his number from any Tennessee fan.

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