These Todd Monken quotes should calm the fears of Georgia football fans

Georgia offensive coordinator Todd Monken on Dec. 28, 2022 in Atlanta before the Peach Bowl
Georgia offensive coordinator Todd Monken on Dec. 28, 2022 in Atlanta before the Peach Bowl /

Is Todd Monken staying at Georgia? He gave everyone a little insight during a recent interview.

Georgia offensive coordinator Todd Monken has done a masterful job turning the Bulldogs into a team to fear on offense, but some are worried his success may mean he’s aiming for bigger and better things.

The rumors started swirling around even before the clock expired on the Bulldogs’ second straight national championship. Even the announcers in the game alluded to Todd Monken becoming a hot property for programs looking for a new head coach. Apparently for NFL teams as well, it seems.

All of this attention has fans worried that Monken will cash in on his well-earned celebrity to take a job at another school or in the NFL. Well, maybe this will ease some fears.

The highest-paid assistant coach in the nation was quite reasonable about how he views all potential job opportunities when speaking at College Football Playoff media availability:

"“When you have a good job and they pay me a lot of money, you have to be careful. The grass isn’t always greener, and money isn’t everything.”Now, I value getting paid. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t do this for nothing, but the reality is you have to be careful, because your happiness is in winning. It’s about winning. It’s the fight song in the locker room. That’s what it’s about.”"

While none of those statements are a definitive “I’m staying at Georgia” I think it’s clear he values a winning culture and a place where he’s truly valued over a bigger paycheck and more power.

Another quote from Monken shows how realistic he is about his job and how he views his work at Georgia.

So why we obviously don’t know what the future holds for Todd Monken and Georgia, he seems to have his head on straight and is planning things as if he’ll be here next season when discussing the quarterback position. Here’s what he said about the upcoming battle between Carson Beck, Brock Vandagriff, and Gunner Stockton, via UGA Rivals:

"“Those guys are great football players. I’m just fired up they’re all going to be here in the spring because we’re in a time and place where that doesn’t happen. And those guys are really, really talented players and I’m excited to have ’em all this spring.”"

So is Todd Monken staying or going? The smart money is going to be on him sitting in the booth at Sanford Stadium and pounding the table with his usual enthusiasm.

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