Georgia football: One quick thing about college football ‘Dynasties’

Georgia Bulldogs head coach Kirby Smart. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
Georgia Bulldogs head coach Kirby Smart. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports /

Georgia football is being attached to the word “Dynasty” a lot lately, and while possibly accurate, it might be worth pumping the brakes on that. 

When you win two national championships in a row, people definitely start to take notice. When you combine that with five conference championship game appearances, three appearances in the College Football Playoff, and three appearances in the National Championship Game, people start throwing around a nifty(?) little word.


Sounds pretty, doesn’t it? Has a bit of a regal feel. When you think of dynasties, you think of long-standing rule. Unshakable domination.

Medici family, Tang dynasty, House of Este, Hasmonean dynasty, Ming dynasty, Wei dynasty.

Or, possibly more familiar to most of us…

New England Patriots, New York Yankees, Golden State Warriors, Seinfeld (just making sure you’re paying attention), and of course, Alabama Crimson Tide football.

So can the Georgia football program now be mentioned in the same breath as those true dynasties? Have we now crossed over from a perennial contender to the undisputed monarch of the sport?

The earmarks are all there, and certainly, it doesn’t look like Kirby Smart is losing any ground. But this is a new era of college football — and college sports in general — that we have embarked on in the last couple of years. No one is sure how things are going to really play out.

If this Georgia football team was operating with all the strength and efficiency that it currently has during the 90s or early 2000s, it’s a sure thing you could tag them as the start of a dynasty. But with the wild cards of the transfer portal, NIL money, and the uncertainty of the NCAA’s role moving forward, things could turn on a dime.

It’s entirely possible that Nick Saban has coached the last true college football dynasty. Even he approaches this new world of college sports with trepidation and a bit of resistance.

That doesn’t mean Georgia can’t and won’t still dominate at times or be right there in the discussion for the College Football Playoff and SEC Championship, but the chances of it becoming a long run of titles similar to Alabama is being reduced with each player who turns his recruitment into a bidding war, or who lacks the patience to sit, watch and learn while others play.

Kirby Smart and the Georgia football program aren’t going away anytime soon, but let’s just turn shouting that whole dynasty thing into a whisper amongst ourselves.

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