Ranking the top five Georgia football offenses of all time

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Georgia football has been known for fielding some smothering defenses, but this storied program has produced some prolific offenses over the years as well.

When you talk about football, you have to talk about statistics, and with that, you will almost always be driven to look at offensive numbers.

Quarterback passing yards and touchdowns, running back rushing yards and touchdowns, wide receiver catches, yards and touchdowns, and yes…even kickers and their numbers are dissected and pontificated upon by every analyst and Saturday armchair quarterback.

Longtime Georgia football fans more than likely have memories of bruising running backs and names like Herschel Walker, Rodney Hampton, Charley Trippi, and Lars Tate. They also probably have fond memories of defenses like the Junkyard Dawgs or some of the stalwart players who came out of the Mark Richt era.

But Georgia football hasn’t been a decades-long collection of “three yards and a cloud of dust” and punishing defense. This program has produced some of the best offenses and quarterbacks the game of college football has ever seen.

Here are the top five Georgia football offenses of all time.

(Rankings are graded on a cumulative of total yards, points scored, total touchdowns, and overall star power. All stats via CFBstats.com and Sports-Reference.com 

Honorable Mention: 1997

Leading Passer: Mike Bobo
Leading Rusher: Robert Edwards
Leading Receiver: Hines Ward
Placekicker: Hap Hines

Total Offense Per Game: 432.6 yards
Total Touchdowns: 43
Points Per Game: 31.7

Mike Bobo has a hand in three of the top five offenses in Georgia history as a coordinator or coach, and he also put together a huge season as Georgia’s quarterback in 1997.