Georgia Football is the Benchmark Program of CFB

Alabama has made headlines this week with one of their players. JC Latham an offensive lineman for the Tide said that Alabama feels disrespected and they are going to win it all.

Has Nick Saban lost control of this program or what? Nobody in the past at Alabama would even dare to speak that out loud to the media a few short years ago. Could you imagine if a Georgia player said that to the media? Kirby might send them to Siberia if they said something like that.

But that’s not the issue. The issue I have is that Alabama feels like Georgia is a step below them. They always have a superiority complex, I just never knew it was this bad.

Georgia is the benchmark program right now in CFB. It should not be a big shock to those In Tuscaloosa. Georgia has won back-to-back titles and could very easily win their third consecutive one this season.

Alabama has a ton of questions coming into the season. They are replacing two of the best players on either side of the ball. They don’t know who the right QB is. Even after a battle in the spring, they brought in another QB. They are breaking in two new coordinators.

With those questions and LSU looking like they will win the west division a second year in a row. The Tide should not feel disrespected, they should worry about how they are going to get through the SEC West.

Alabama can feel disrespected all they want. They weren’t even close to the same level as Georgia was last year. I think it will be the same next season too. Last year, I wanted Georgia to play Alabama so badly. I really wanted Georgia to exercise all those demons and just blow Bama out.

Nick Saban is getting up there in age and even for the GOAT, it is hard to stay at your peak forever. Alabama is on its way down, and Georgia is on its way up. We need to get used to that fact and so should the media. This is not the big bad Bama from 10 years ago. They are flawed, they were flawed last year. I just hope Georgia gets their chance against the Tide this year in Atlanta.