Georgia Football: Fall camp Heats up, So do The battles

Georgia quarterbackÕs Collin Drake (26), Jackson Muschamp (16), Carson Beck (15), Gunner Stockton (14), Stetson Bennett (13) and Brock Vandagriff (12) poses for a photo.News Joshua L Jones
Georgia quarterbackÕs Collin Drake (26), Jackson Muschamp (16), Carson Beck (15), Gunner Stockton (14), Stetson Bennett (13) and Brock Vandagriff (12) poses for a photo.News Joshua L Jones /

Fall camp for Georgia football starts this Thursday which means, football is here. It is the start of August. By the end of this month, Football will be played. Thank God.

Outside of watching the Braves, there wasn’t a whole lot of excitement this summer. Now we finally get something to occupy us for the next 6 months.

Going into fall camp there are some questions about this Georgia team. Not questions about three-peating but questions about players and depth. The stuff that matters. Here are some things to keep your eye on during Fall camp.

  • Offensive line

The tackle spots, more especially the left tackle position is the biggest battle. This battle will probably last till the end of camp. Amaris Mims played every game last season and started in the Peach Bowl and CFP title game. He was dominant in both games, so I would expect for him to start. The question is at what tackle spot? Moreover, Earnest Greene and Austin Blaske are fighting for a spot on the line. Greene has a ton of upside and was a big-time recruit the Dawgs landed in 2021. Austin Blaske, a huge Dawn of the Dawg guy, has been in Georgia for 4 years. With his time at Georgia, one would think that he will at the very least get reps in the game and could potentially start.

  • Defensive freshman

A lot has been made about Georgia’s d-line depth, mainly in the middle spot. The defense as a whole has a ton of returning guys. But with Mondon Jr potentially being out at the start of the year, middle linebacker depth is important too. Look for CJ Allen and Raylen Wilson to compete for playing time, along with Xavian Sorey Jr, who more than likely gets the starting job while Mondon is out.  The edge position will be an open spot with Beal being gone. Look for Damon Wilson to get serious looks at starting. Wilson was a big-time recruit and has the measurables to be dominant against SEC Offensive tackles. Previously mentioned was the middle spot in Georgia’s D-line. With Jalen Carter gone, whoever fills in has massive shoes to fill. Many have said Jordan Hall is the guy to look for. He will either start or be in the rotation in that DT spot in the middle of the defensive line. If he is what everyone says he can be, Georgia’s defense should be just as good, if not better than last year’s team.

  • QB Battle

Everyone and their momma know that Georgia is replacing Stetson Bennett. This has been talked about ad nauseam. Aaron Murray, who has credentials to talk about the position of QB, thinks Beck is going to be a star. Maybe. But he has not won the job yet. To play devil’s advocate here, Beck had a chance to start in 2021 when JT Daniels was injured. He didn’t get the job, Stetson did. So if he’s so good why did he not beat out Stetson? A question that will never be answered I suppose. But, Beck should be the starter, and if he is what Murray says he is, no complaints on this side of the keyboard. It will be interesting to see the order they fall in. Who will be the backup? Will it be Vandergriff, or will it be Stockton? We will find out soon. But Kirby will not say, we probably won’t know until September 2nd.