Georgia Football: Offensive changes are not adding wrinkles

Georgia football analyst Mike Bobo on the sideline during the G-Day spring football gameNews Joshua L Jones
Georgia football analyst Mike Bobo on the sideline during the G-Day spring football gameNews Joshua L Jones /

Georgia football has faced a lot of transitions over the past few years. That’s what happens when you are on top. Coaches leave, players leave for the NFL draft, and the mysterious transfer portal.

But for the past three seasons, Georgia has had the same offensive coordinator. Todd Monken. Monken, many hold the belief was the best OC Georgia has ever had. Watching his in-game play calling sometimes was a thing of beauty. The Boys in the coffee shop agreed. Every Monday morning, we would get together after a big win and one of the boys would say “Monken was in his bag Saturday”.

Monken often was in his “bag”. Now that Monken has left for the NFL, the boys in the coffee shop asked me the other day about Bobo. Smart and company have been singing from the same hymnal book on Bobo. Nothing in the offense will change, just added wrinkles.

The boys in the coffee shop are concerned with this addition of wrinkles. Usually adding wrinkles isn’t great. “My 92-year-old great-aunt puts more lotion on her face than anybody!” “It’s all to prevent wrinkles”! “Why are wrinkles considered a good thing?”  one of the boys said.

I have to agree with them on this. Bobo adding wrinkles does not mean it’s a good thing, but it also does not mean that it’s a bad thing. You see, you have to read between the lines on Smart’s comments. What Smart is saying is this, “The plays and verbiage will stay the same. It’s just going to be different”. It’s only different because it is a different person calling the plays.

It will also be different because Georgia does not have the same players that they had last year or the year before that. The two big differences from last season to this season is that Darnell Washington left for the NFL and Georgia does not have a #1 back.

Not having Kenny Mcintosh and Washington is going to change the offense quite a bit. More than many would think. I think Bobo will depend heavily on the passing game. I also believe given the fact Georgia does not have that #1 back, Bobo will get wide receivers and Brock Bowers involved in the running game.

Georgia will be more of a passing attack and many will claim and say Kirby lied, Bobo did change the offense. Don’t fall victim to this narrative. Bobo, and for that matter Smart, want to find ways for Georgia to win. For Georgia to win they will have to pass the ball more than usual.

I know sometime in the season when I walk into the coffee shop, the boys will be panicked over the large number of passing attempts. Most Georgia fans will be. It goes against the identity of Georgia football. We run the damn ball! But, it is going to be the only way Georgia wins its third title in a row.