Georgia Football: Don’t Panic over The first Scrimmage

Head coach Kirby Smart of the Georgia Bulldogs (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)
Head coach Kirby Smart of the Georgia Bulldogs (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images) /

Kirby Smart wasn’t pleased with Georgia Football’s first scrimmage of fall camp. Smart questioned their readiness and asked who wanted to play in the heat. Smart also called out the starting offensive line.

After reading and watching reports of the first scrimmage I would have to say, I think Smart’s mood about the practice was more to push his team. Many that were there at the scrimmage had a decent day.

But, let’s be realistic here. Georgia football is not going to wow anybody who watches them day in and day out. Many times people are looking for something that blows them away on the field. Fans are always looking for the fantastic. But while Georgia has been really good on the field, the team does not do anything flashy. They grind out games. Georgia wears down their opponent.

So, I would not be concerned primarily in the first scrimmage that there wasn’t a “wow” moment. Georgia does not play the flashy brand of football like Tennessee or USC, they play like Alabama has since 2008. Execute every play and you will win 99.9% of the time.

The way Kirby Smart and his staff are recruiting they have talent at every position. It is also two or three deep with 4 and 5 stars.  So if a team executes at a high rate and has a ton of talent, good luck on Saturday trying to beat them.

Also, Fans and the media alike have made a big deal that Georgia’s offense did not have a good start to the scrimmage. Again, It is the first practice, the defense should be ahead of the offense. The offense has 20 million plays to put in and trying to execute every single one in the first week of fall camp is hard to do. It’s a good sign the defense is ahead and Georgia’s D-line whipped its O-Line. The offensive line is one of the strengths for Georgia on offense this year. I think they will have their stuff together by September 2nd.

It is also good that Georgia had a hard time running the ball. Now I know people might get panicked by that sentence. Georgia’s bread and butter are running the ball. But if the Defensive line did not stop the run in a scrimmage; that would lead me to panic.

So the sky is not falling in Athens. Did Georgia football have a day that did not live up to its standard? Yes! But that standard is higher than any other program in the country. Do not fret, Georgia fans. This team is going to be pretty good.