Georgia football: One Georgia football fans opinion

Georgia football stays at #1 in the newest AP poll. Color me shocked; given how some in the fan base have acted, you would think the Dawgs got beat by UT-Martin. For that matter, they got blown out.

Last Saturday, I walked out of Sanford Stadium and through North Campus for a late-night bite downtown after the game. As I walked by the Law Libary, a woman behind me said, “It’s like Georgia fans hate their own team.”

It is true for the casual fan; it seems that Georgia fans are hyper-critical of their team. Almost to a fault, in some cases.  I am not sure why that is. Is it because we went 41 years without a title? Is it because we are fans of an SEC team? Is it because of something not even related to football? I am not 100% sure, but we could blame it on the voice of the fan base: Larry Munson. 

Munson has long since passed away, but his impact is still felt throughout the fan base. Munson, known for his negativity, probably made generations of Dawg fans negative, anxiety-ridden people. I am ok with that because that is who I am.  I am constantly negative about Georgia football. I am always prepared for the other shoe to drop.

Do you realize how good we have it right now? And every Saturday, I wake up fully prepared for the worst. Even after back-to-back championships, I think there will be a disaster about to take place. It’s irrational at this point to be so anxiety-ridden over Georgia football. But again, the vast majority of the fan base is that way.

But as of week 2, I refuse to hit the panic button. The imaginary button is worn out, it has been worn out for nearly 20 years of watching Georgia football. But any perceived “crack in the dam,” I hit the button. So, for fans like myself, just hang tight, don’t hit that button yet. I know I went on a long diatribe there, but I have an axe to grind with one portion of the fan base. I have held it for a while but am more comfortable speaking my mind here.

You can disagree with my takes, which is perfectly ok with me. We live in a free society, which is the whole purpose of the experiment that we call a country. Again, I have unpopular opinions. Many of you think my views on our beloved Dawgs are wrong sometimes. But I hope most of you agree on this: You play to win titles.

The other day, I saw this tweet from a Georgia fan podcast. They have since deleted the tweet, but I saw it, which bothers me. This account (they will remain nameless) said we, fans who want a title, will be miserable if Georgia doesn’t win it third in a row because it is nearly impossible to do.

I am so tired of Georgia fans saying, “Well, the chances of three-peating are hard; it hasn’t happened in the modern times.” Yes, that’s the whole freaking point; it’s supposed to be complicated. Winning is hard. Billy Napier would have looked like Vince Lombardi last week if it weren’t hard. Why does Rice still play Texas? Why do we choose to go to the moon? Because it’s hard! Stop being the sad Georgia fans who say, “Gee golly, we will get ‘em next year.” That type of stinking thinking caused us to have a 41-year drought!

We need every fan to expect championships; Georgia is too good of a program to have any other type of goal. The state is loaded with recruits. The fan base is rabid. We should expect to win every time we step on the field!

Do you think Alabama fans think like that? They’re so delusional they think they should’ve been in the playoffs in 2022 and have a share of the 2021 national title. Literally, the other day, I heard a Bama fan call into Paul Finebaum and say last year was a terrible year. Alabama won 11 games!

So, somewhere, there is a middle ground. Not questioning  Kirby’s decision on starting Beck over Stockton or Vandergriff. Or the fan who is Eddie Haskell. Somewhere, we can all settle. But I am tired of the rainy-day Dawg fans. I also can’t stand the people on social media who feel the need to post after a loss: “Win, lose or draw, I’ll always be a Dawg!” What are you supposed to be, a Tiger?

Stop that nonsense; we demand excellence, we get excellence. You play the game to win! That’s the point of sports. Maybe it’s because I played sports my whole life, but I would hate to wake up and say whatever happens today, at least I’ll drink water. You got to go out there and compete. If you are not first, you are last. That should be the Georgia fans’ creed and code.