Georgia football: Do the Dawgs plan to Blackout UAB?

Knowshon Moreno runs with ball against Auburn during the 2007 game. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Knowshon Moreno runs with ball against Auburn during the 2007 game. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images) /

Is the Georgia football equipment staff messing with me?

How many times are they going to tease a Blackout? How many more times are they going to allude to black jerseys? My little heart can’t take this abuse! Why are they setting me up only to crush my hopes and dreams?

The first video could have been a complete accident. I know Georgia has black jerseys. Kirby just never touches them for some reason. Georgia fans only see black jerseys when recruits put them on during recruiting trips (which blog idea later; I hate when recruits put on any universities uniform). But again, Nike makes black Georgia jerseys every year, and they sit in the closet, waiting for that one faithful moment.

Then, on Instagram, they posted this song for the UAB game.

What are they up to? I was convinced there would be a Blackout when I saw this after the first video. You cannot tell me that it was pure coincidence that two different accounts that are a part of the Georgia football equipment alluded to the black jerseys. Case closed, Kojak!  “She was a good girl, Mama’s apple pie, the 4th of July…. There was a Blackout!”

While I solved the mystery of the black jerseys, I remember Kirby Smart saying they would wear the black uniforms only if the team needed motivation. Or something along those lines. This was before the 2020 season when Georgia wore a unique black uniform with a dog collar around the neck. Nike made those for some particular reason. I want to say 100 years of having a Bulldog as a mascot, but I cannot remember. But anyway, Georgia wore them one time because they had to, and the second time was when the Peach Bowl asked if they would. So Kirby has to be forced to wear black uniforms.

The only other time Georgia wore the black jerseys under Kirby Smart was in 2016. Greg McGarity and his terrible dyed hair lied to the Georgia fanbase. McGarity said that Georgia would wear black uniforms annually because it was one of Georgia’s colors. Then we went four years without wearing them.

I’m unsure if Georgia will wear black jerseys on Saturday; I hope they do. The first season where I can remember every game and what exactly happened was 2007. As you recall, that year was the first time the black jerseys were introduced.

I feel nostalgic about the black jerseys, so I will always be excited when Georgia breaks them out. My first real Georgia football jersey was the black one with Knowshon Moreno’s number 24 on it.  I wore that jersey about every day of the week for three years. I have since outgrown it, but I still have it, and it is still in pristine condition. The moral of the story is that Georgia should wear black more often, so make it this Saturday!

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