5 biggest losses for Georgia in the transfer portal

The Georgia Bulldogs have one of the best rosters in the country, but that roster lost 20 players to the transfer portal this offseason. No loss can break the Bulldogs, but these five losses will hurt.
Georgia Bulldogs linebacker Jamon Dumas-Johnson (10)
Georgia Bulldogs linebacker Jamon Dumas-Johnson (10) / Matt Pendleton/Gainesville Sun / USA
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CB. Nyland Green. . Redshirt Junior. . Nyland Green. 492. player. 1. Nyland Green

The Nyland Green situation is similar to Jones’s. Green was a top 100 recruit in 2021 and by the 2023 season, he was supposed to be a lockdown corner for one of the best defenses in the country. 

Instead, Green played just 27 snaps. Purdue is taking a chance on that untapped potential, and with multiple losses in the secondary, the depth of that group will be tested. 

Ellis Robinson IV is the No. 2 recruit in the entire country, but as a true freshman, he might have to be leaned on because a former highly-regarded recruit didn’t develop into the reliable veteran that he was expected to be. 

As with Jones, Green’s loss will be far from a crippling one for the Bulldogs, and like with Jones, Green’s lack of development is no reason to panic. Still, Georgia would be better off with a former four-star cornerback, who has three years of experience, on the roster.