Georgia Football: A Winning Legacy and Blue Blood Program

2022 CFP National Championship - Georgia v Alabama
2022 CFP National Championship - Georgia v Alabama / Jamie Schwaberow/GettyImages

Georgia Football news is slow this time of year. There is not much to say about the Men’s Basketball team outside of the fact they are losing games they shouldn’t. Outside of James Cook stating what many believe is a factual truth about Georgia being left out of the playoffs, it is bone dry out there. 

So, like any good blogger, I search for a story that will get you to read and not waste your time. I hate reading blogs that seem promising but state the most obvious answer ever. I think it just seems like a lazy effort by the blogger. So when I went searching, I found this nugget. Boy, oh boy, did I strike gold!

In the last 25 years, Georgia has been the third most winningest program in the country, only behind Bosie State and Oklahoma. Boise State is weird because they had a strong record, but most of those wins were lesser opponents. But on the other hand, they beat about everyone on that list at once. But the fact that Georgia, who was coming off their worst decade in football in more than a century, is one of the winningest programs in recent years. 

Also, how surprising is Alabama not near the top of the list? But considering the decades after Bear Bryant retired, it makes some sense. Many fans around the SEC have a new retort to Georgia fans on social media. It used to be #1980, but now it is, “Georgia is just now experiencing winning; y’all ain’t a blue blood!” 

Well would you look at that? For the past 50 years, Georgia has been one of the winningest programs in college football. 4th all time! So, what do you make out of all these numbers and stats? Here is what I take away from it: Georgia has been one of the best programs in college football. Furthermore, given the history of the Georgia Football program, it would be considered a blue blood. 

The Georgia Football program is up there with Ohio State, USC, Michigan, Alabama, and Oklahoma. If you do not believe it, Google it! The detractors (opposing SEC fanbases) will always move the goalpost on the Dawgs. They have ever since Kirby Smart took over Georgia in 2016. That really says that they are all afraid of what Georgia can be and the run the Dawgs can have. 

Sadly, for them, history and the present day say that they are living their nightmare. The Dawgs are only going to continue their run of dominance and win national titles. One day, we could all discuss how the Dawgs are the winningest program of the last 25-50 years. Only time will tell. 

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