Georgia Football announces date for G-Day 2024

Georgia running back Roderick Robinson II (0) breaks away from tacklers during the UGA G-Day spring
Georgia running back Roderick Robinson II (0) breaks away from tacklers during the UGA G-Day spring / Joshua L. Jones / USA TODAY NETWORK

Georgia Football announced the date of its annual G-Day game. The scrimmage is set for April 13th, 2024. The time of the game has yet to be announced. 

It would not be a G-Day announcement if there were no issues on the day or week it fell on. A few years ago, G-Day was announced to be held the Saturday before Easter, and many Georgia fans grumbled about it. This year, G-Day is being held the same week as The Masters. 

If you are debating whether to go to Athens for G-Day or Augusta for the Masters that week, we will gladly see you in Augusta! This year's Masters is later than in the past, but who cares? It’s The Masters! Georgia is the only school in the country that has to worry about when The Masters are being held. But for someone like myself, it will make a great sports weekend. G-Day, Masters, and the Braves, all in one weekend? What a weekend! 

No announcement has been made on whether G-Day will be broadcast on ESPN or SEC Network. But, with the new contract between Disney and the SEC, It would not be a shock if the game was broadcast on ABC. But my money is on ESPN. 

G-Day will offer fans their first glimpse of some of Georgia’s new faces. The Dawgs signed the  No. 1 recruiting class in the country for the 2024 cycle and brought in six players from the transfer portal. There will also be interest in the battle for the number 2 spot at QB for the Dawgs. Gunner Stockton, who played a majority of the 2nd half of the Orange Bowl, looks to be the favorite, but newcomer Ryan Puglisi is already turning heads in Athens in just a few months. 

I have always been a fan of G-Day. Some people despise it, but it is great for a few things. One, you get to visit Athens on a Spring day; who can say no to a cold beverage on a downtown Athens patio? Two, you get the Georgia Football experience. It is more of the light version of the experience, but it soothes that itch for a while. So drink the Kool-Aid and come to Athens. 

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