Georgia Football loses Jayden Maiava via transfer portal flip

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Georgia football again experiences a factor in the new brave world of college football. Once on his way to Athens, Jayden Maiava has decided not to make that trip. Instead, Maiava is taking the short trip from Las Vegas to Los Angeles and playing at USC. 

This is a part of the new world of college football. We have portal flips now. If you read my story from the other day about Maiava coming, I said it did not make much sense. Maiava came to the same decision. 

I will not bash a 19-year-old kid for his decisions or the lack of decisions he makes. I also do not want to be the old guy yelling at the clouds, but this stuff has to end, or college football will burn out their most loyal fans. 

It is nuts that this has happened not only once but twice in one offseason for the Dawgs! First, we had Julian Humphery “snip-snap, snip-snap” with going or staying with Georgia, and now Maiava. It’s crazy to me that this is the world coaches live in. If I were Kirby Smart, I would have a stroke trying to keep up with all this. 

So, what does this mean for the Dawgs? Well, Kirby Smart spoke about how they would like to have 4 QBs on the roster. They had four with Maiava, but now they are back to three. So, my guess is that Georgia gets a guy in the portal, or they wait till the end of next season and go shopping for one. 

With N.I.L. and the portal, who knows what QB will be looking for a new home? With Carson Beck leaving for the NFL this upcoming season, Athens could be that place. At this point, I would not be shocked if a Heisman Trophy winner moved into the portal one day. But for now, the Dawgs and Kirby Smart will search for that 4th quarterback. Who knows if they will ever get it?

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