Georgia Football may land former Alabama safety Caleb Downs, Bama fans meltdown!

Rose Bowl Game - Alabama v Michigan
Rose Bowl Game - Alabama v Michigan / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

Georgia Football has now been crystal balled to land Caleb Downs, or Caleb Downs is crystalballed to land in Athens. However you look at it, Georgia is the leading contender to get the former Alabama Saftey. If Kirby Smart lands one of Bama’s best players and one of the best assistant coaches, it would certainly send a message to Alabama and Kalen DeBoer. 

This is one of the worst weeks in Alabama football history, and boy, oh boy, I’m enjoying it. With the news of Downs hitting the portal, it feels like every starter and 5-star Bama had is leaving the program. With the program seemingly spiraling out of control, Alabama fans face a massive identity crisis. First, let's look at how they handle players leaving and hitting the transfer portal. 

It’s not like Trezman Marshall, Jermaine Burton, Jameson Williams, and many others, who all left one program to join Alabama. It’s not fun when the rabbit has the gun, right, Bama fans? But what would you expect from Alabama fans? This fanbase declared the 2022 national championship for Georgia “fake” because they did not have depth in the wideout room. 

This is also the fanbase that comments whenever Georgia has a modicum of success, “Built by Bama.” Alabama fans type that out because Kirby Smart was an assistant coach at Alabama 8 years ago. Do y’all think they had to look up the word modicum, or they just skip over it? 

Then Alabama fans reacted to the news of T-Rob leaving. Clearly, they were not upset by this and were extremely positive and happy that one of their coaches made a move best for his life and family! 

Oh, they weren’t! Alabama fans are having an identity crisis. They cannot believe players and coaches are not flocking to Alabama because of that beautiful crimson A. The reality is that Alabama is not bigger than Nick Saban. Saban was bigger than Alabama, so great coaches and players went to Tuscaloosa. The same was the case back in the days of Bear Bryant. 

 This is why Georgia has always been solid throughout the years. The Dawgs have had coaches synonymous with the program, die-hard fan base, and one of the greatest college towns in America. Georgia has never taken the nose dives that Alabama has had when our legendary coaches leave. The Alabama fans who are reading this are getting upset. 

Anyway, I fully expect Downs and a few more Alabama players to come and join the Dawgs. So I am glad all those fanbases, including Alabama fans, got their kicks in on us. Georgia is the new king of college football, and for many, that has been their worst nightmare. Enjoy the show! 

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