Georgia Football Running Back Coach Dell McGee could leave for Georgia State job

Jan 1, 2021; Atlanta, GA, USA; Georgia running backs coach Dell McGee on the sideline during the
Jan 1, 2021; Atlanta, GA, USA; Georgia running backs coach Dell McGee on the sideline during the / Athens Herald Banner-USA TODAY NETWORK

Georgia Football is facing yet another coaching change. This time, it could be Dell McGee. Graham Coffey of The Players Lounge reports that Georgia’s running back coach will become the new Head Coach of Georgia State. 

McGee has been with Kirby Smart at Georgia since the start Smart took over in 2016. Reports came out Wednesday that McGee and former Georgia offensive analyst, now current Georgia Tech OC, Buster Faulkner, were the two leading candidates. 

Nothing has been confirmed from the University of Georgia or Georgia State, nor has McGee announced anything publicly. If the report is accurate, the Dawgs will replace their running backs and wide receiver coaches in one offseason. Furthermore, Smart will replace both the running and passing game coordinators as both McClendon and McGee serve those roles and coach their respective positions. 

Onto the fan perspective. It has been well over 24 hours, and nothing has been said from the parties involved. Then, there was this tweet from Rusty Mansell. 

So, if you cannot tell by now, I do not want McGee to go to Georgia State. Selfishly, I want him to stay for at least one more year! Since Kirby Smart took over, McGee has been a mainstay for the Dawgs. 

McGee has served a huge role in developing some of the best backs that ever came through Georgia (minus one running back. He was already better than Chubb, Sony, Swift, and Holyfield. McGee and Smart did not play him because they hated him. Look at his Twitter; he will tell you himself! ) and is a heckuva recruiter. 

I also don’t understand the motivation to move on from Georgia to become the head coach at a G5 school. It is probably close in pay and more responsibility. I always follow the George Costanza rule: never take a job with more responsibility for a small pay raise. Just because you get the recognition you "deserve," it does not always equal happiness. So, with that in mind, I do not understand why McGee would leave the cushy job to go to Georgia State. 

If it does happen and McGee leaves, Georgia will have to find two coaches in at least a month because spring practice is getting underway sometime in late March. Kirby Smart will have his hands full. But I think we all expect Smart to get the right coaches.  Why wouldn't we?

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