Georgia Football's Unexpected Loss: Caleb Downs Chooses Ohio State Over Dawgs

Chattanooga v Alabama
Chattanooga v Alabama / Brandon Sumrall/GettyImages

Georgia Football is having its worst week in program history... Oh, wait! That is Alabama, my bad. You probably know the story by now: Caleb Downs, in the 11th hour, decided to transfer to Ohio State, not Georgia. Everyone who is in the business of predicting these types of things believed that Downs was a lock to go to Georgia. 

From a Georgia perspective, it is disappointing, but it is not even close to damaging. Downs would have been a great addition to the Dawgs roster, but the safety position in Athens is not in dire need of depth or talent. One of the more talent-rich positions for the Dawgs is at safety. Most of that talent is unexpired, but they are still 4 and 5 stars. I do not think Kirby Smart is losing any sleep over it. 

For Ohio State, it has been a great start to the offseason. Many in the media are proclaiming Ohio State the national title favorite because of the additions to the roster and the coaching hires the Buckeyes have made. However, Vegas still believes the Dawgs are the favorites, and I know I am biased, but the Dawgs are still the most talented team in the country. 

Many Alabama fans are celebrating that Downs did not join the Dawgs. They have hit social media and have taunted the Georgia program and Georgia fans, which tells you where the Alabama program is right now. It also tells you the IQ of Alabama fans. Bama fans are mocking Georgia for not getting one of Alabama’s best players from last season. But I guess if you are having the week Alabama is having, any victory would be something to gloat about. I am starting to feel bad for Alabama and its fans. 

If the rumors on social media are true, I do not fault Downs for going to the Buckeyes. Some say Downs made a good amount of money by joining Ohio State. I do not know how true those rumors are, but best of luck to Downs. If that is the case, I can not fault him. Some rumors allege Downs was seen in Athens and that Georgia had to cut through a alot of red tape to get him eligible to play for the Dawgs and enroll at UGA. 

If that is 100% accurate, I really want to know what happened. One day, we will learn about this crazy recruitment of Downs. 

Fear not if you are one of the Dawg fans worried about this situation. Kirby Smart put together the #1 recruiting class and one of the best transfer portal classes that has come through Athens. Georgia is still one of the most talented teams in the country and is still betting favorites for the 2024 national title. 

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