Georgia football segment in EA Sports College Football 25 has us fired up!

The Bulldogs made multiple cameos in the first official trailer for the new NCAA Football video game from EA Sports and we can't wait to dominate with the Dawgs all summer.
Georgia defensive lineman Mykel Williams
Georgia defensive lineman Mykel Williams / Saul Young/News Sentinel / USA TODAY

The real college football season is a long way away, but the virtual one feels like its fast approaching. Fans have been desperate for a new NCAA Football video game since the franchise was halted back in 2014. Well, the wait is finally over as the release date for College Football 25 is set for July 19, and on Friday, EA Sports released the first official trailer. 

To nobody’s surprise, the team that has become a dominant force in the decade since the game’s last release was heavily featured. The Georgia Bulldogs had multiple cameos with junior defensive end Mykel Williams and junior tight end Oscar Delp featured most prominently. 

Williams and Delp are candidates to be the most highly-rated Bulldogs in the game this year. Williams has emerged as one of the early candidates to be the first overall pick in the 2025 NFL Draft if Carson Beck doesn’t claim the top spot. 

In the trailer, Delp looks quite light on his feet for a 6-foot-5 245-pound tight end, so he could be a dominant force and a favorite target in the game. Of course, Williams will be a nearly unstoppable pass-rusher, and EA featuring him destroying Alabama’s Jalen Milroe had to provide a bit of catharsis to the bitter Bulldogs fans who have spent the offseason bemoaning Georgia’s exclusion from last season’s College Football Playoff. 

Even more cathartic will be the 84-0 beatdowns Georgia fans can deliver to the Crimson Tide all summer long. 

The release of the trailer has the entire college football world buzzing and Georgia fans are no different. One of the most fun things to do in the game has always been building up a G5 team into a national contender, but UGA fans will be quick to protect Kirby Smart’s program and ensure that college football’s next great (virtual) dynasty takes place in Athens. 

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