Georgia Football: The Glory Days are not over

Georgia v Georgia Tech
Georgia v Georgia Tech / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

Georgia Football has hit some turbulence as of late. Losing to Alabama after not suffering a loss in two seasons hurt, but the real pain for fans was not making the 4-team playoff. Then came the transfer portal.

Fourteen players from Georgia have hit the portal, and then on Monday, the Dylan Raoila news came out. Given these events, many Georgia fans are incredibly reasonable and calm. I’m joking! Many in the Georgia fanbase think the good times are over for good. The Georgia sky is falling; the reign of terror is over! 

Welcome to the church of Kirby Smart believers. We were scoffed at in 2016. We were humiliated in 2017. We were told we were crazy; Kirby could never win the big one in 2018 through 2020. We are being tested again in our faith in Kirby to deliver us to the promised land even though he brought us there twice.

People are once again questioning Kirby Smart's acumen to make Georgia into the premier college football program. 

We are in a new world of CFB, and it will not be pretty. Although Georgia has been the most successful program as of late, it has problems. Success is not easy to obtain, and when you get on top of that mountain, everyone wants to take you down, and the wind starts whipping even harder.

As the great Biggie Smalls once said, “More money, more problems.” Georgia has now become college football rich, and that has caused more problems. 

But to think Georgia will fall off from competing for championships is crazy talk. Since 2017, Georgia has been in the playoffs and the national championship three times! Moreover, since 2017, Georgia has been in the top 10 every single year.

Outside of the 2020 season, Georgia has gone to the SEC Championship and is in the top 4 every year in the season's final week. What exactly do you want from a football program? Kirby Smart has gotten Georgia to a spot to have an opportunity at a title every year! This is not the old NCAA football video games where you win ten titles in a row. Wake up, people! 

Now, I have seen some Georgia fans who get their feelings hurt when other fans are critical of the program and critical of Georgia’s SEC Championship game plan.

Two things can be true at the same time. I know that is a challenging exercise for some people to understand, but it can happen. Georgia is not falling off the cliff, and how Georgia handled the SEC Championship can be criticized. I do not think it is wrong for people to have those two thoughts in their heads. 

Georgia has the right guy in Kirby Smart; he understands what it takes to win. What we are witnessing right now are the side effects of success. Georgia will be okay, and I truly believe that Georgia will be holding up that gold trophy in January in the near future. Georgia could be hosting it in January 2025 in Atlanta; who knows? 

This is not a jumping-off point; the glory days are far from over. Enjoy the ride because someday down the line, we wish we could be anxious over a few players leaving in the portal and being snubbed out of the playoffs.

Kirby Smart has shown time and time again that he has built this Georgia football program to sustain. Why would that change only in a few days? Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith?