Prediction and thoughts on Georgia Football Orange Bowl matchup

2023 SEC Championship - Georgia v Alabama
2023 SEC Championship - Georgia v Alabama / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

Georgia Football takes on the Florida State Seminoles on Saturday. This is the last time we will see the 2023 Georgia Football team, and what a year it was. I know some of us are still hurting over the SEC Championship loss, but looking back on this season, it should be more about Kirby Smart and the football program than the previous two years have. 

Think back to the start of the season and the expectations the Dawgs faced. Not only did the Dawgs go on a historic run, but they did it by facing major obstacles—all the injuries this team had and yet, they went undefeated in the regular season. This team only had one bad Saturday and 3 points short of a three-peat. This team will be remembered fondly regardless of what happens this Saturday. I am still glowing over the Dawgs' beat on the Gators two months ago. 

But now the end is near; only four more quarters are left in the season. I have enjoyed writing blogs and interacting with many of the site's readers. Georgia fans are a unique bunch, and I want to thank each and every one of you for reading my content over the season. I hope to do it again next season, and the Dawgs can win another national title next season. 

So, what are we looking for in this game? I, for one, want to see the offense operate through Carson Beck. I do not want big chunk throws to get the offense going; I want to see Beck paper cut the Noles defense for 5-10 yards a throw. The elite Quarterbacks are the ones who kill you when they make the easy throws. That is what I want to see. I want to see a preview of the offense next season. 

Beck throws the ball on the north side of 40 attempts for more than 300 yards. I want to see this offense running at its full capacity through Beck.  Also, on the offensive side of things, I want to see Brock Bowers one more time. I do not know if he will play, but I want to see him play at least one more snap.

Bowers is the greatest Georgia football player of the last quarter century, which would span my lifetime. I never saw a player be as dominant week in and week out as Bowers was. That guy was on from his first game as a true freshman against Clemson in 2021. The number 19 should be retired, and the statute we built of Stetson and Bowers statute needs to be right next to it. 

I also want one more guy to get the roses he deserves. Sedrick Van Pran is one of the best Centers to play for Georgia. Van Pran embodies what it means to be a DGD and has represented the University with class and honor. We all owe him a thank you for coming back when he could have easily gone to the NFL and started what looks to be a promising career.

Everyone wants to say how great Carson Beck is, but if not for Van Pran’s return, who knows what the growing pains are for Beck? Van Pran should get his due as a great leader and a teammate. To me, Van Pran will be remembered up there with Bowers, Stetson, Jordan Davis, Nolan Smith, Jalen Carter, Nakobe Dean, and many others during this run the Dawgs are on. 

Defensively, I want to see Georgia play Georgia football. I want to see guys flying around, playing, and hitting hard. I want the D-line to dominate the FSU front and stop the run. I think the Dawgs have a shot of playing that way, given the opt-outs FSU has had.

All season, this Georgia defense has looked off. For the final game, I want them to be that Junkyard Dawg defense that has embodied the Kirby Smart era in Georgia football history. I also want FSU QB Brock Glenn to hit a few times for his comments about the Dawgs. 

It does not feel like a gameday eve because this time last year, we were gearing up for a would-be classic against Ohio State. But next year, we will get that feeling once more. This season, to me, has felt like that 2020 season. Not all the COVID stuff, but the play on the field. You saw glimpses of a championship team, but they could not fully put it together.

Each week this season, Georgia would improve one thing, and then something would happen that would cause a regression somewhere else. We could be in for a very special 2024 season, but who knows what will happen from then to September. 

The point spread for this game has reached up to three scores! It is a 20-point spread! How is that possible? The Dawgs will easily win this one, but I don't know if they can cover the 20-point spread. For one final time, Dawgs on top 45-24. 

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