What is the narrative in 2024 for Georgia Football?

Capital One Orange Bowl - Georgia v Florida State
Capital One Orange Bowl - Georgia v Florida State / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

Georgia Football is already starting its campaign for a national championship in 2024. It is too early to start looking at games and previewing the season. Honestly, it is too early to write this blog, but it’s the start of February, and there isn't much else to discuss. But we all want to discuss the Dawgs, so here we are. 

The boys at the coffee shop and I met for an early breakfast the other day. Our old meeting place, the Mayflower, shut its doors recently, so we have now convened at Chick-fil-A for a chicken biscuit and coffee. Anyway, the boys asked me a good question; if you are a regular reader of my blogs, I always write down a good question from the boys in the coffee shop. The boys asked, “what does the 2024 season mean for Georgia Football?” What is at stake, if you will? 

I started thinking about it, and I thought about past seasons and what they meant. Every football season is different, and they all have questions or narratives. To keep it brief, here are the narratives of the past three seasons. 2021: could Kirby and the Dawgs finally win the big one and get over the Alabama hump? 2022: Could the Dawgs repeat? 2023: Could the Dawgs make history and three-peat? Georgia answered all those questions except last year's, making this upcoming season interesting. 

Right after Michigan hoisted the CFP championship trophy, the odds for next year came out, and the Dawgs were the favorites to win a third title in four years. Georgia has one of the most talented, if not the best, roster in college football. Despite Ohio State's moves in the transfer portal, Georgia is a much deeper and more talented team on paper. 

Then, the big news happened: Nick Saban retired. As we all know, it sent shockwaves throughout the SEC and college football. College football has a power vacuum, and Georgia and Kirby Smart are primed to seize it. I know I have written about this a few times, but when taking the 10,000-foot view of college football, it is crazy that Georgia could be the new power player. 

Which was my answer to the boys at the coffee shop. This season means sealing or gaining power as the leaders in college football. Kirby Smart has a chance with a national title in 2024 to not only be the unanimous best coach in college football, but Georgia could be the undisputed best program in the country.  

What is at stake here is not only being the power in the best conference in the country but also being the best program in college football. Georgia is already that in my mind, but some might claim Ohio State. But if the Dawgs were to win yet another title in 2024, it would be crystal clear who the best program is. 

Not many programs have won 3 titles in 4 years. Go back and look at the programs that have done that in the history of college football. Only Alabama, Nebraska, and Notre Dame are the programs that have achieved such a rare feat. Alabama did it under Saban, Nebraska did it under Tom Osborne, and Notre Dame did it post-WW2 America. So, it is a rare thing to do and extremely hard to do. 

This Georgia football team has the talent to do it; they should be able to do it. I know it is cliche to say, but it is championship or bust in my mind for this Dawgs team. You can say it is unfair of me to say that if Georgia does not win a title in 2024, I will be disappointed. But I think that is where we are with this version of the Georgia Football program under Kirby Smart. 

So, to answer the boys in the coffee shop (Chick-fil-A), this season means seizing control of college football. Honestly, I cannot believe that is my expectation for Georgia Football. But if it were going to happen, I would be glad it could happen in my lifetime. 

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