Georgia football recruits must win or go home online and on TV


It’s time.

All spring your legs ached all night.

You ran all summer you. You lifted – rushing to get in one more rep at each station.

You drove your buddies in for ladder drills, gulped down an Owens burger, hurried off to Tabos and stuffed grocery bags for the gas money to do it again the next day.

You want the effort to matter but you will never know if it did.

Summer camp – up early, sweat, bruises, whistles, bad food, dumb pranks, and hot. So hot. And the whistles – your ears still ring.

Every point was precious all season. Every play a season changer. “Forget the standings,” coach hollered. But you peeked.

Now it’s time. One game at a time, five games.

A State Championship is before of you.

You dream about it.

You earned it.

But you have to earn it again on five Friday nights.

It’s high school play off football in Georgia.

It’s time.

More from Georgia Football Recruiting

Georgia football recruits will have one more chance to chase a state championship before leaving high school. It’s win or go home for every young man taking the field this weekend. Every game will be worth watching. Go watch.

Just go watch.

If you can’t see one of these football spectacles live, take advantage of the NHFSnetwork to watch some Georgia football commits.

On Friday, the Ringgold Tigers travel to Hogansville to play Callaway and Georgia commit Terry Godwin. Broadcast time on the NHFSnetwork is 7 p.m.

The 5’11” 166 lb Godwin is the top rated athlete in Georgia and a Rivals number 8 national recruit.

Tift County High School will take Interstate 75 to the big city to play the Tucker Tigers and Georgia commit Jonathan Ledbetter. Broadcast time on the NHFSnetwork is 7:30 p.m.

Ledbetter is a 6’3” 272 lb Rivals 4- star defensive end and is the Rivals number 6 recruit in Georgia.

Albany’s Westover High School and Georgia commit Trenton Thompson visits Mary Persons. Broadcast time on the NHFSnetwork is 7:30 p.m.

Thompson is a 6’4” 293 lb Rivals five-star Defensive tackle and the top recruit in the state.

Grayson High School and Georgia commit Justin Young will travel the breadth of Gwinnett County to face Mill Creek High School. This contest will air on Georgia Public Broadcasting at 7:30 PM Friday.

Young is a 6’3” 255 lb defensive end.