Georgia Bulldogs Once Again Overthink, Underplay Against Rival


The Georgia Bulldogs let another game against an overmatched rival slip away in the overtime loss to Georgia Tech.

Oh absolutely, that was a classic…classic in the traditional sense for Georgia Tech, yet classically stupid for Georgia.

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Keep some coins in your pocket, because the first one among us who bumps into Jeremy Pruitt, flip him a quarter so next time he has no excuse for not making a phone call If you’re not familiar with the rules for slowing down the triple option, then ring someone up who has experience defensing that nonsense.

Hey, Coach Pruitt, even I wrote about it yesterday, making it remarkably ignorant for you to be clueless about stopping the Georgia Tech attack…STOP the DIVE, Coach, and that leaves the triple option with no alternative but to get to the edge. Stuff the dive and flow, and then they would have no place to go.

Tech took the second half kickoff and proceeded to run the dive 8 consecutive times. They picked up 11, 4, 5, 6, 20, 15, 2 and 1 yards on those bursts up the middle before Damian Swann stole the pig at the goal line. OK, we dodged a bullet and figured you would make an adjustment, but obviously you didn’t know what to do, so Tech just kept giving the ball to the dive-man and wore our rumps out!

My question is: What have we got against experienced, intelligent defensive coordinators? Today’s defense smacked of the turnip we exiled to Louisville So frustrating and contagious.

How do we allow a pooch kickoff to hit the grass and roll around, ripe for the taking? Why don’t we ever seem to believe in our superior athletic ability, and instead of squib-kicking with the game on the line, why not boot it deep allowing our guys to cover with their superior speed and athleticism? Why are we always guilty of thinking so much? Trust your guys, play the game; all other things being equal, the better athlete wins.

I figured we wouldn’t be up for this game since Missouri won and made this anticlimactic, but it was the same script as the Florida game. We were deceivingly geeked, took an initial lead, allowed the other guys a play and drained ourselves of emotion and football sense.

I don’t know what obscure pigskin hormone we’re missing, but something always derails us from fulfilling our football destiny.

Yeah, it sure was CLASSIC.