Georgia Basketball: U-G-L-Y spells win for Bulldogs against Vandy


On a mission to master the repulsive, the Georgia basketball team is on a five game winning roll in the SEC.

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Georgia veered from its patented hideous basketball style to out Vandy Vanderbilt Tuesday night. The Dawgs out shot the Commodores 44% to 36% from the field , 92% to 70% from the free throw line, 53% to 36% from three-point line.

Despite the sexy shooting exhibition, Georgia still chose to employ its style grotesque, turning the ball over 16 times and giving up eight steals.

Georgia turns the ball over with uncanny regularity, deftly averaging 13.4 turnovers a game while sporting a -1 turnover margin. Perhaps the Bulldogs have that rare talent of convincing opponents to join willingly in the revolting. Perhaps the Bulldogs require a certain loosey – goosey approach to maximize their talents.

Do the Dawgs win despite themselves or because they are themselves?  Who knows, but the Dawgs have now won five straight.

It’s notable that Georgia’s five game run coincides perfectly with J. J. Frazier receiving five straight starts at guard for the Dawgs.

But unlike the battle in Starkville, when young sophomore Frazier carried the team and dazzled the Southeast, against Vanderbilt Tuesday night, the senior post men delivered some blue-collar work to separate the Dawgs from the Dores.

In the first half, Nemi Djurisic scored eight consecutive points, pounding a four point Vanderbilt lead into a one point Bulldog advantage and a lead they would only briefly relinquish.

Marcus Thornton took his turn with the hammer in the second half, scoring five straight points to separate the Bulldogs from the Commodores, setting up the Dawgs to win the game at the free throw line.

Thornton and Djurisic – crusty, crabby veterans who care little for appearances – time and again do the dirty work needed by the unsightly Bulldogs.

The Dawgs displayed eye-catching shooting against Vanderbilt, but they will never be confused with the Dance Dawgs.

No points are given for looks, anyway.

And there’s nothing prettier than winning.

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