Georgia Basketball: Time to Deal With the Big Blue Kentucky Empire (video)


As the World Turns With Georgia Basketball, episode 29: The fanatical Big Blue Nation’s crusade delivers its warriors to squash the Bulldog heathens.

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The re-invented Georgia basketball team has two more bridges to cross before entering the one and done world of post season play. First, the ultimate challenge comes to Athens Tuesday night at 9:00.

The Kentucky Wildcats and every member of the Big Blue Insane Asylum that can beg, borrow, steal, threaten, black mail or hold a grandmother at gun point to get a ticket will be in the Stegeman Coliseum Tuesday night intending to show upstart Georgia who is the top dog in college basketball.

Georgia will wait with open arms. The highest peak these Dawgs can climb after being in the season’s lowest valley two weeks ago is a defeat of the undefeated number one team in the nation. These Dawgs will be as ready as ready can be.

And if it matters, the Dawgs will have the backing of the other half of the world, the half that doesn’t show up wearing blue at Kentucky basketball games.

The annual cries of “break up Big Blue” have peaked this season, with even Rolling Stone asking: Is Kentucky Killing College Basketball? Forbes Magazine even gets in on the argument.

The University of Kentucky is guilty of caring more than anyone else about basketball. Any jury in America would convict Kentucky and their Head Coach John Calipari of winning too much. But these cases aren’t going to trial. There is only one way to deal with Kentucky basketball.

Beat ‘em.

Kentucky has the most talented roster in America, perhaps including the San Antonio Spurs. They are so talented that pundits rave over Coach Calipari’s ability to win with overwhelming talent; may the Fates so curse us all.

So how do you beat Kentucky?

Maybe you can’t. But that’s the only way to deal with the momentum this Big Blue Steam Roller has built over the first half of the 21st Century. Someone has to beat them.

The Dawgs are up next. Can they stay in the ring for ten rounds?

There is some logic supporting the notion that Georgia can beat Kentucky and in so doing save the Universe.

After an overwhelming start, the Dawgs played to within seven points of Kentucky in Lexington with four minutes to play without their big dog, Marcus Thornton.

The Bulldogs have been through fire and ice, reinventing themselves twice during the season to play their way into a sure NCAA Tournament berth.

Kentucky’s impenetrable shield this season has been over whelming talent. It is common for Georgia to be the less talented team, winning with resilience and fight. Georgia will not play Kentucky strength on strength.

And then there is this.

“I’m not worried about losing,” said Calipari to the Associated Press and reported in the “This is about us getting better.”

Phony boloney.

Calipari and the Big Blue Large Case of Nuts wants an undefeated season bad. Real, real bad. A slip at Georgia will send Kentucky basketball fans into a coma.

Georgia Bulldogs
Georgia Bulldogs /

Georgia Bulldogs

Georgia plays ugly basketball, success having little to do with turnover numbers and free throw percentages. The Dawgs play fast and loose and if Georgia can talk Kentucky into playing a little loose themselves – and a little nervous, advantage Bulldogs.

Georgia, drawing on the home crowd, some senior night magic and a close game to entice Kentucky into a one on one game, will use team play, team togetherness, and just plain love and affection for seniors Nemi Djurisic and Marcus Thornton playing their last game in the Stegeman Coliseum.

The logic only extends so far, of course. A horse is a horse, of course of course, and a horse can’t outrace a locomotive. The bottom line, all hopeful logic aside, is the Dawgs will need a horse or two – maybe three or four – to step up and play the game of their life to beat Kentucky.

But to quote the Klingon, “It would be glorious.”

And it has been done. Check out the video from the Bulldogs last home game with the ‘Cats.