Kentucky Fans Resort to Ruse to Embarrass Upstart Georgia Basketball


The Kentucky and Georgia basketball teams engaged in an epic hardwood battle on Tuesday night. The Big Blue Nation required more than the point difference its team could muster.

Have you enjoyed a chuckle from this now oft retweeted photo?

It would be funny if it were true.

The so claimed “Cheer Sheet” is a carefully cropped page from a fake newspaper given to students to hold up during starting lineups, “ignoring” the Kentucky starters. The cropping of the picture no doubt intended to give the appearance of a serious “cheer sheet”.

Following the cyber bread crumbs, it appears a Georgia student cheering for Kentucky messaged a cropped picture of the fake newspaper. It was then disseminated by twitter as a “cheer sheet.”

The notion of a Georgia student attending as a Kentucky fan is issue enough, but even at Georgia we understand the Big Blue Nation and the magnitude of its population and passion.

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Georgia fans understand. Georgia fans are envious and are not afraid to say so.

What is not understandable is why Kentucky fans enjoying such success must resort to ruse to embarrass an opponent?

Is having the greatest basketball machine ever created by man not enough? Is amassing more talent than the rest of the college basketball world combined not enough.

Is winning every game not enough?

Is Big Blue hiding some worry, some inferiority?

Does Big Blue fear a reprise of the 1949 NIT scandal, the 1988 Academic Scandal?

Does Big Blue dream at night of Billy Gillspie?

Or does Big Blue worry that Coach Calipari’s number of vacated victories my one day exceed the current number of 42?

Or was Big Blue, after all, just plain scared on Tuesday night?

The University of Kentucky owns the greatest basketball organization and team on the planet.

That is not enough for Big Blue.

Big Blue never knows when there is another boo hoo coming down the track.

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