Georgia Basketball: Class not Cancelled For The Big Dance?


The Georgia basketball team battled Michigan State for forty minutes while hundreds of their most loyal and ardent supporters were in class.

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It’s time.

You’ve been at Georgia for four and half years and will graduate in just three more semesters. You have faithfully and loyally attended every home Georgia basketball game.

Your Dawgs are finally in the Tourney, the Big Dance, the Show, you are finally a part of March Madness, your bracket has DAWGS all the way to the Finals.

It’s time. Joe Lindsay will toss it up in five minutes, Marcus Thornton will jump and you . . . .

. . are in class.

In class.

We’re talkin’ class.

Why did the University of Georgia have class when the basketball team was playing in the NCAA Tournament?

Stop the madness!

With the integrity of the sacred academic schedule preserved, hundreds – perhaps thousands of students went to class. Did they discuss the principles of vector analysis, figure the sums of squares, or interpret the described images on a Grecian Urn?

Come on Georgia, let’s get real. Students were crowded around laptops desperately seeking a glimpse of their classmates fighting for dear old UGA while ignoring instructors.

Why were classes not canceled campus wide at 12:00 noon to resume at 3:00PM? Is the Tourney not as important as your Anthropology professor’s appointment with his sleep specialist? Is having your MATH 1254 instructor’s Mazda’s tires rotated more important? What about that little tickle in the throat of your French professor?

Canceling class on the most random and inconsequential grounds happens daily. We send 15 of the hardest working University students to Charlotte to represent our alma mater against mighty Michigan State and the student body cannot watch the game because of class?

We’re talkin’ class here folks – we’re not canceling exams. We’re not extending term paper deadlines.

We’re talkin’ about class.

It might come as a surprise to some, but in a previous era, Georgia canceled classes for every home football game. They of course were Saturday morning classes.

And yea, it was football.

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