Georgia Recruiting: 2016 Commit Ben Cleveland Suffers Injury


Ben Cleveland, a 2016 Georgia commit, was injured in school this week. No, not on the field…but in science class.

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Oh the hazards of academia. Georgia’s big 5-star offensive lineman commit found out this week that “Blinded Me With Science” isn’t just a Thomas Dolby 80’s hit.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Cleveland suffered a hand injury in his science lab last week at Stephens County High School. The injury caused him to miss at least one of his high school team’s baseball games (where he’s one of the teams top sluggers), as well as the Nike and Rivals football camps in the Atlanta area over the weekend.

“He was doing lab, and he was holding a glass bottle,” Stephens County football coach Frank Barden told the AJC. “I don’t know if it was the chemical in the glass, or from him squeezing it – but the glass broke. And he had to have some stitches in his hand.”

Goodness, Ben…be more careful! The Bulldog Nation is eagerly awaiting to see you use those hands to protect Jacob Eason and to open holes for the Georgia running backs.

But according to Barden, Cleveland will be just fine. “He will be back at first base as soon as his stitches heal. They’re in his right hand, and he throws left-handed. I think they taped his ring finger and his middle finger together. He couldn’t wear a glove last week, but I think that was how he was going to be able to DH.”

Let’s pitch in for some protective gloves for the Stephens County science department, shall we?

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