Wake Up Georgia Bulldogs, Tech Is On the March


Georgia Bulldogs, do not be comforted by recruiting reports or spring game attendance, the yellow scourge is spreading.

It’s time to get your head out of the sand, Bulldog Nation.

The enemy is at the gate, and it’s yellow.

Fact: Georgia Tech beat Georgia in football last season.

Fact: Georgia Tech beat Georgia in men’s basketball the last four seasons.

Fact: Georgia Tech beat Georgia in baseball six out of the last 10 games.

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Does it hurt? Good, it needs to.

Look at it again. Read it over and over until you are sick.

Face the facts, Dawgs. We have a problem. The biggest problem of all. It’s past time to mobilize.

Are we going to ignore the crisis until we are ready to retire another drought breaker’s jersey?

Enough of this Neville Chamberlain “Tech’s not that big a deal” stuff.

The Bulldog Nation has had a few Winston Churchill’s – men who understood the nature of the enemy and struggled mightily against it. Head Coach Andy Landers embarrassed Tech into suspending the women’s basketball series and won the last four in a row. Dan Magill and Manny Diaz have combined as head coaches for only two losses to Tech in 60 years of tennis. Head swimming coach and former Georgia letterman Jack Bauerle has NEVER lost Tech as a player or coach.

Forget the statue, how does THE Jack Bauerle University of Georgia sound?

Sounds about right.

But this is small potatoes in the big picture – skirmishes in the conflict of Good vs. Evil and Red vs. Yellow. Battles in Football, basketball and baseball are the Midways, the Gettysburgs and the Norman Invasions. On the gridiron, the court and the diamond is where the world’s fate is decided.

Being a Georgia Bulldog means many things, but more than anything, it’s about Tech. It’s about hating Georgia Tech and beating Georgia Tech.

Nov 29, 2014; Athens, GA, USA; Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets defensive back Domonique Noble (23) celebrates with a piece of the Sanford Stadium hedges after defeating the Georgia Bulldogs in overtime at Sanford Stadium. Georgia Tech defeated Georgia 30-24. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

“There’s no such thing as a bad win over Tech and no such thing as a good loss to Tech.” Preach it, dad.

It’s well past time for all sons and daughters of the Red and Black to answer the call.

Georgia Nation, Tech is on the march. Red and black gridiron defenses must be built not to win the SEC East, but to beat Tech. Cagers with the muster not to fight in the post, but to dig in the dirt and root out the yellow jacket nest must be recruited. Bullpens must be constructed not to close out the weekend series, but to sweep the mid-week contests against the yellow scourge.

And when new head women’s basketball coach, Joni Crenshaw, rolls the ball out for her first practice with the Lady Bulldogs, it must be with the words: Ladies – Just. Beat. Tech.

There are no two ways about it. The Tech band is terrible, their cheerleaders ugly, their coaches obnoxious, and their tactics lacking a certain, shall we say, moral standing. But it’s “getting a little late in the quarter,” Larry Munson would tell us, and he would not mince words.

“The Dawgs are in deep, deep trouble.”

(If you need explanation for why Bulldogs hate Tech, shame on your parents, but check out Dawn of the Dawg’s definitive work on the subject. )

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